Married at First Sight’s Nikita throws a coffee cup at Ant in honeymoon rage

While other Married At First Sight couples appear to be getting closer, the same can't be said for Nikita and Ant who appeared to have a bust-up while they were on their honeymoon.

Nikita and Ant have headed off to Mexico to celebrate their wedding, despite it being a frosty ceremony to say the least.

As they went on a luxury honeymoon, the sneak-peek for Wednesday's episode saw the couple come to blows in a fiery exchange as they were sat together in the hotel room and began arguing across the counter.

Ant can be heard saying: "You've been single five minutes, you're not over your boyfriend. If you want to get it out, get it out."

Nikita then launches a coffee cup at him as she demands to be put in a different room as she refuses to stay with Ant in an explosive row which will air tonight.

It seems that after their frosty wedding, it isn't getting much better for the pair.

It comes after Nikita had said she wanted a 6ft man with green eyes and veneers, and when she met her match told the camera: "They're just done the total f***ing opposite of what I've asked for.

"I mean obviously I was talking about looks quite a lot. Looks was a huge thing to me and I don't think they've listened to what I said."

Viewers are already predicting that it won't end well for the couple, but despite it looking frosty between the pair, Nikita has said that she and Ant had "great day filming the wedding".

She also said shows are edited for entertainment, adding that it has to be "dramatised and made to look extra juicy", before adding: "Roll on the honeymoons!"

It looks like it might not be as bad as it seems, but fans will have to wait to find out what really happened between Ant and Nikita.

Elsewhere, it looks like things might be looking up for Luke and Morag despite another frosty start.

When Morag spotted Luke at the end of the aisle she claimed he was "not what she ordered", but as they head on their honeymoon, it looks like things have really turned around.

In the trailer, Luke can be seen telling Morag: "I like you more and more everyday. I'm so glad I was matched with you."

To the camera she says: "It's exciting but so scary at the same time."

It looks like it could be the start of something special for Morag and Luke…

Married at First Sight UK continues tonight on E4 at 9pm.

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