Married at First Sight UK ‘gym rat’ Franky looking for ‘petite and classy’ wife

Franky is a 47-year-old ex-military man who is looking for love on the Channel Four show Married At First Sight.

The self-confessed "gym rat" wants to find a woman that's wife material for him to settle down with.

Although he has previously gone for looks, Franky insists that he wants to find a woman that checks all the boxes.

He said, "I used to look for the hottest girl in the room and I’ll hold my hand up to that.

"History has shown me that that isn’t a wife. The hotter girl comes with more drama and now at 47 years old (even though I feel 21 each day) I want to get someone who ticks the ‘wifey’ boxes.

"I want a classy person, not the drama. As long as she is petite and classy, I don’t care what she looks like. If we vibe, we vibe."

Originally from Pontefract in Yorkshire, Franky joined the army when he was only 16.

He said he couldn't sit still at school but he found everything he loved in the military.

"I thought I was academically set back, but I wasn’t I just couldn’t concentrate.

"When I got into the military my life completely changed because instead of being behind, like I was at school, I was one of the front runners."

After 15 years in the military, Franky became a personal trainer and now works in Dubai.

He applied to MAFS for the challenge it posed. He said, "If anything is normal then I find that boring. I’m not captured unless I’m entertained and challenged – and Married at First Sight UK is a bloody big challenge."

However, it's not just the challenge that appeals to Franky, he's looking for love.

Franky said, "At my age now, I need a wifey. I’m becoming quite a more private person. I really need this, but what I want from it is a wife.

"Someone who I love. I’m not going to hold my feelings back. I want to go into that chapter of loving someone again. I’m good at that and I like doing that."

Franky has been married before but it didn't work out for him and his partner.

Now, he's excited to move on and meet his new bride.

He said he's very ready for the challenge, "I embrace the challenge – you grow from challenges. No concerns at all.

Married at First Sight UK returns to E4 on Monday, August 30 at 9pm

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