‘Majority of population love it!’ Argument erupts over BBC popularity ‘No they don’t!’

Radio host clashes with commentator over popularity of BBC

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The fallout from the scathing Lord Dyson review which found Martin Bashir and the BBC had been “deceitful” and “covered up” their tactics to secure the Panorama with Princess Diana sparked an argument on talkRADIO over the corporation’s popularity amongst Britons. In a heated debate, The Independent’s chief political commentator John Rentoul claimed “the majority of the population” love the BBC. But host Kevin O’Sullivan was left in total disbelief at Mr Rentoul’s comments following a disastrous week for the Beeb and its future.

Mr O’Sullivan explained: “Politicians labour under the delusion that the BBC is endlessly popular around the country.

“Right now, to proceed on the basis that everybody loves the BBC I think would be a profound political mistake!”

But John Rentoul hit back: “No I don’t not think you’re right Kevin.

“I think everybody does love the BBC.”

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But Mr O’Sullivan interjected in despair: “No, they don’t John, not now! They hate it right now, let’s get real. Let’s get real, they hate the BBC.”

In response, Mr Rentoul then took a stab at talkRADIO, saying: “Your listeners and your friends Kev are a bit of a subsection [of the country].”

Mr O’Sullivan came back: “Yeah, my friend Prince William he’s not too keen on it is he!”

And in a bold claim, the Independent’s chief political commentator said: “But I think if you look at the majority of the population they all love it!”

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The talkRADIO host did not want to hear anymore, adding: “Rubbish! Absolute Rubbish John!”

Mr Rentoul continued in his defence of the BBC, saying: “Line of Duty was a BBC production, everybody loved it.

“Everybody senses that if we didn’t have the BBC our media culture would be worse and I think that is what keeps the BBC going.”

And in a final prediction, the veteran commentator said: “And I’m afraid it is going to carry on!”

The BBC hit the headlines in recent days following a scathing review by Lord Dyson into the BBC’s behaviour prior to and following Martin Bashir’s world exclusive Panorama interview with the late Princess Diana.

The review outlines how the BBC “covered up” an inquiry into the forged documents used by Mr Bashir to secure the infamous interview.

It also added how “deceitful” practices were deployed in order to gain access to Princess Di via her brother, Earl Spencer amongst a host of other findings which have torn apart the reputation of the BBC as a taxpayer-funded body.

In response to the findings, Prince William dealt a devastating blow to the BBC in a statement attacking the core practices of the BBC and branded the Panorama interview which his late mother featured as having “no legitimacy and should never be aired again.”

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