MAFS UK’s Nikita Jasmine lashes out at critics in foul-mouthed social media rant

Married At First Sight UK star Nikita Jasmine has lashed out at her critics in a foul-mouthed social media rant.

The reality star, 26, took to Instagram after the episode aired to have her say against the 'haters' who criticised the way she behaved on her honeymoon with new hubby Ant Poole.

Viewers were left gobsmacked on Wednesday night as Nikita launched into a fiery row with Ant, throwing a cup at him and storming off twice during their lavish trip to Mexico.

The row erupted as Ant questioned Nikita's desire for compliments, after she flooded him with questions about her body while the pair were sunbathing together.

The duo both accused each other of only appearing on the show for "followers", with Nikita branding Ant a "f***ing freak".

Now Nikita has used social media to her own advantage to have her say on the night's events.

Holding the camera up to frame her face, Nikita warned: "Can I just say, think before you speak, because for all you haters, me and Ant did have a lush honeymoon apart from that one day.

"But the rest of the eight, nine days we were there were wicked."

She continued: "So all of yous with hate, f*** yous all!"

Nikita waved two fingers in a rude gesture as she spoke.

Nikita then called to her friends, yelling: "Girlies!" as she headed into the living room to join them in a watch party for Wednesday night's episode.

Her pals were gathered on sofas and on the floor in front of the TV to enjoy the show, and whooped for the camera.

Fans of the show, however, were less impressed with Nikita's behaviour, with one tweeting: "Wow Nikita made an argument out of nothing there didn't she! Can't possibly imagine why she is single…"

Someone else followed up: "Nikita, I know you have insecurities, so do I! But that doesn't excuse your behaviour towards Ant!"

"Ant needs to walk away from Nikita. Throwing things at someone is not a sign of a good relationship," a third fan tweeted.

And another social media user wrote: "Nikita didn't even give Ant a chance to explain himself before losing her sh**!"

However, Nikita insisted it was her past relationships which caused her to lash out at Ant, explaining that her physical insecurities sometimes get the better of her.

As a disgruntled Ant confessed to the cameras: "A compliment doesn't mean anything if you're asking for it", Nikita explained she had been hurt by the past by her ex.

She argued he had "left her for no reason" – and she feared her looks might have had something to do with it.

Married At First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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