Made in Chelsea only has seven plots, and here they are

Made in Chelsea is on its sixteenth run. Yes, the structured reality show has been going for an impressive seven years, which has left us feeling a little bit old if we’re honest.

A lot has happened since a 2011 Spencer Matthews chased Caggie Dunlop here, there and everywhere. But fans seem to have noticed that the storylines that are still playing out on screen are starting to look very familiar…

1. The dysfunctional couple that just can’t seem to break-up

Everyone knows they’re doomed. In fact, it’s pretty much the only thing that both parties involved can agree on. And yet, it takes them oh so very long to call it a day.

The Liv and Digby situation seems to have spilled over, once more, from the summer spin-off, filmed in Croatia, to the current series. After months – nay, years – of an on/off romance, the pair finally decided to break things off – although they’re having a hard time coming to terms with it.

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson, another case in point, seemed to spend more time on relationship ‘breaks’ than they actually did as a happy couple – with things finally coming to an end after a summer on hiatus became a permanent split.

Sam starting seeing his other co-star Mimi Bouchard, and the fallout from this fed into the plot for season fourteen. This (perhaps not so coincidentally) proved to be Watson’s last, at least for a little while, as she didn’t then return for season fifteen.

2. Has he/she cheated?

We’d dare to wager that this old chestnut has played a part in every single series of Made in Chelsea to date.

It usually involves some hearsay (a friend of a friend hearing that something untoward had gone on) which is then spread around the streets of SW5, before finally reaching the ears of the ‘wronged’ party.

Let’s take the drama of Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton as a case study. Her first proper relationship on the show, Binks started dating the newcomer at the start of series six. The honeymoon period didn’t last long though, as cheating rumours started doing the rounds from episode one of series seven.

Not only does Alex tell Binky that he “loves” her, presumably in order to distract from the gossip, but he also extended his denial to a meeting with her mum (who he got on side).

Best friend Cheska did some digging to find out the truth, delivering some heartbreaking news to Binky.

It was only when this new information surfaced, that it all finally started to come out.

This leads us nicely on to…

3. The confession

We have to give a shout-out to Spencer Matthews’ now-infamous confession to Louise Thompson: “It’s f**king hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.”

Nobody in Chelsea seems to be able to admit to any wrongdoing right off the bat. We are usually treated to a few weeks, if not an entire series, of flat out denials before the evidence becomes too great their conscience gets the better of them.

As we’ve explored, the Binky/Myton fallout rumbled on for more than an entire series, and he continued to rubbish cheating rumours until he just couldn’t deny it any longer.

This has happened umpteen times throughout MiC. Original bad boy Spencer probably set the trend, with Jamie Laing having copy-catted too.

This year, in fact, whilst filming the summer edition in Croatia, Harry finally unravelled his own lies to girlfriend Melissa – but only after Laing flew in the ‘other’ girl to tell her version of events.

After a number of denials, Harry confessed that he had said what he had been accused of saying, leaving both his girlfriend and close friend Habbs angry.

Surely one day these Chelsea boys will learn that lying probably makes everything worse?

4. The best friend bombshell

Already this year, we have witnessed Sam Thompson land his apparent best friend in hot water by stating that he had “tried it on” with another girl behind his own girlfriend’s back. And that all started because Harry revealed incriminating information about Sam hooking up with another girl behind Sophie’s (the girl he is seeing) back. We can hear the eye rolls…

This kind of behaviour has been happening throughout Made in Chelsea history. Let’s cast our minds back to series two, for example, when Caggie Dunlop delivered news to best friend Millie Mackintosh that their mutual friend Hugo Taylor had cheated with their other mutual Rosie Fortescue. Phew.

There was also that time at the end of series four, which saw Francis Boulle dog Spencer Matthews by dropping the news that he had cheated on Louise.

5. The dramatic drink swirl

Not really a plot on its own, we’ll admit, but a cracking addition to one that just keeps happening again and again.

Let’s take a moment to consider how many times, in real life, we have actually witnessed someone throw a drink in anger. Now, think about the times we have seen this incorporated into a confrontation scene in MiC

Whether we’re heading back to the old school moment whereby a scorned Millie threw a martini in Hugo’s face, or looking at more recent memories of Sam Prince getting a drink in the kisser, there are plenty of these to choose from.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Spencer seems to have been involved in a lot of them – whether receiving a drink in the face from ex girlfriend Lauren Hutton, or dishing one out to best friend Jamie Laing after finding out about him and Lucy Watson.

We’re surprised there’s not a drinks shortage in Kensington, tbh.

6. The “lead on”

To be frank, the Made in Chelsea cast is pretty incestuous; everyone seems to have been interested in everyone at some point or another.

Remember when Jamie and Binky almost ended up as an item in series four? He even went as far as confessing his feelings for her, before waking up the very next day and realising that actually they should just be friends.

The same could be said for Louise Thompson and Jamie, who almost hooked up in series three – another makeshift romance never to be spoken of again.

Series ten also saw Jamie (noticing a theme?) pining after close friend Jess Woodley. News of the pair having slept together followed their trip to LA, but the ‘will they, won’t they’ storyline never got off the ground.

7. The “new” guy/girl

As is customary for most reality shows, new people only really seem to get introduced to a cast as someone’s new partner or love interest.

In Chelsea, this usually equates to some jealous reactions and “warnings” being dished out to the newbie on account of their new beau’s past on the show – you need only see points one, two and three to understand where this rite of passage stems from.

Lauren Hutton is a great example of this – entering the show as Spencer’s girlfriend in 2014, she was of the belief that she had changed him. But the rest of the cast, understandably, tried to warn her of his previous behaviour.

Sadly, he did what he became known for and eventually cheated on her (as per plot two and three), which resulted in a drink in his face (oh, plot five)…

Made in Chelsea airs on E4.

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