Lucifer: Are Halle Berry and Lesley-Ann Brandt related?

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The first three seasons of Lucifer are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now and seasons four and five, part one, are available to stream and download on Netflix. South African actress, Lesley-Ann Brandt has been part of the show’s cast since it began in 2016 and over the years, fans have noticed her striking similarity to Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. Are Lesley-Ann Brandt and Halle Berry related? has everything you need to know.

Are Lesley-Ann Brandt and Halle Berry related?

Although Lelsey-Ann Brandt and Halle Berry have many things in common, there is some disappointing news for fans of both actresses. 

The short answer is no, Lesley-Ann Brandt and Halle Berry are not related.

Despite this fact, Lucifer fans cannot believe how similar the two talented stars look.

With Lucifer going into its sixth and final series, which is expected to be released this year, fans have been discussing their resemblance online.

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In fact, fans who are new to the Lucifer world were so convinced, many believed Halle Berry was actually in the series.

Due to their similarities, some fans have called for Halle Berry to appear as Lilith in Lucifer.

Unfortunately, this seems unlikely as L Scott Caldwell starred in the role in season five, part one and Lesley Ann-Brandt portrayed a younger Lilith in the same series.

Additionally, there has been no news of Halle Berry joining the cast of Lucifer for season five, part two or season six.

Nevertheless, Lucifer fans have been sharing their hopes online.

One fan on reddit posted: “Halle Berry to play Lilith  She looks like Mazikeen.”

Emica12 said: “If they can’t get Halle Berry. I’d like to see Lesley-Ann Brandt in the role of Lilith see her play a double part as mother and daughter. But that’s just my opinion.”

A third Lucifer fan shared: “She’s the only one #HALLE BERRY LUCIFER FOR LILITH.”

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Even Maze star, Lesley-Ann Brandt has joined in on the fun online. 

In response to an article by Whereisthebuzz? which had the headline “Why Halle Berry and Lesley-Ann Brandt Need To Star In A Film Together Inspired By The Dark Mirror?”, Brandt reposted the article on Twitter with the caption: ” Who’s writing this [email protected]

The Dark Mirror follows the story of two twin sisters who are potential suspects in the murder of a doctor.

Fans of both Brandt and Berry replied to Brandt’s post with utter excitement. 

One fan commented: ” can dear old dad please make this happen.”

A second fan said: ” Omg I swear you were @halleberry you guys could be twins!!! It was nuts I even google @LuciferNetflix to find out if it was her. You are both so beautiful! #twinsies.”

A third fan added: ” I honestly thought you two were related… it’s surreal at times. Couple that with your inner power and spirit??? I’d buy that ticket! First in line!”

Lucifer season 4 and part 5A are streaming on Netflix now

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