Love Island’s Luca accused of "playing games" and manipulating Paige and Tasha

It's been on our screens for less than a week but one Love Islander is already being accused of playing games in the villa.

23-year-old Luca from Brighton has been chosen by the public to be in a couple with paramedic Paige Thorne.

Although it looks as though the cheeky fishmonger has his eyes on other girls in the villa as he revealed his "top three" on Wednesday night.

Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free spoke about Luca's antics on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast where Arielle referred to him as being "on heat".

Introducing the section, Kem said: "Let's talk about Luca because he kind of done the rounds a bit didn't he?"

Arielle agreed with Kem saying: "The guy's on heat! I've never seen anyone so horny in the Love Island villa in my life!

"We get it, you want to strip everyone's clothes off."

The podcaster then told her co-host Luca is "very, very excited" before Kem admitted he is a fan of the islander.

He said: "I quite like the way he's really open, he's not one of them guys that says one thing to someone and then says something to someone else."

Although Arielle agreed and admitted he wasn't approaching the girls in a creepy way, she explained that his excitement puts her on edge.

She said: "I think that's why Paige is nervous around him, he is very confident and being upfront about what he wants to happen and what he's into. But, he is not being consistent with his conversation with the girls."

Kem revealed he's a big Luca fan and likes him a lot, however, he's worried his honesty could land him in some hot water down the line.

Arielle then questioned how truthful Luca is being on the show as she said: "Is it honesty though? or is he playing a game because he said to Paige she's his number one.

"Then there was the whole argument with Andrew. I feel like he used Tasha in that situation by saying "she was really upset", she wasn't mate."

"He was trying to make Andrew feel bad about that when actually he was just annoyed that Andrew tried his luck."

Speaking about the situation that happened, Kem said he believed Luca exaggerated what happened with Andrew.

He said: "At the same time, Andrew did lie. He did make up a story for no reason so I understand why he was annoyed.

But you know these things happen at the beginning everyone's not sure who they like. Luca doesn't have a clue who he likes he changes his mind every 10 minutes."

During Wednesday's instalment, Luca told Andrew who his top three girls were in the villa which included his partner Tasha.

Although Andrew then lied to the model when she asked him if she was in Luca's top three.

Finding out he had lied, Luca was left raging as he confronted Andrew on what he had said.

However, Andrew apologised and said it was an honest mistake, although not everyone was convinced with viewers branding him a "snake".

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