Love Island’s Jess Harding sparks confusion as fans spot bikini malfunction

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    Love Island fans were left confused during Monday's (June 5) launch show when they caught sight of Jess Harding's bikini.

    Jess Harding, a 22-year-old aesthetics practitioner from London, burst into the villa first alongside stunner Ruchee, telling viewers she had been single for nearly two years and was eager to find love on the show.

    But fans couldn’t help but noticed something very odd about her bikini, as she appeared to be wearing it upside down.

    Taking to Twitter, one person commented: "Does Jess know her bikini top is on upside down? #loveisland."

    Another user wrote: "Jess got her bikini top upside down. #loveisland."

    Amidst the confusion, another follower pleaded, "Please, can we put an end to the upside-down bikini tops? #LoveIsland."

    A fourth echoed: "Jess got her bikini top upside down. #loveisland."

    But fans were elated at the star’s “gorgeous” curves as she got to know the other islanders, with many saying she had a realistic body type.

    One raved: "Jess’s figure is stunning, so nice to finally see a girl with a normal body."

    Another added: "Jess with the real body."

    A third said: "Jess actually looks like she has a normal body type!! It’s so refreshing to see!"

    And a fourth chimed in: "How nice is it seeing a real girl in #LoveIsland? Jess has rolls when she sits down, cellulite, wobbly non toned bum but her figure is banging and sooooo real. Love her already!"

    In a huge format switch up, half of this year's contestants entered the villa at the start of the show.

    They were able to chat to each other before host Maya Jama made her big entrance.

    The five islanders were then introduced to the remaining five one at a time, before being told who the public had picked as couples.

    Host Maya Jama sent fans into a frenzy with her stunning outfit as she kicked off the series.

    The 28-year-old presenter looked stunning as she made a grand entrance into the Spanish villa a white crochet cut-out floor-length dress, as her long hair flowed past her shoulders.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan gushed: "OH MY GOD MAYA JAMA IS TOO FINE FOR THIS SHOW."

    A second said:" Maya Jama is so fit", while a third chimed in with: "The real bombshell: Maya Jama #loveisland."

    "MAYA JAMA IS HEREEEEE. SHES STUNNING #LoveIsland", added another as a fourth wrote: "Maya Jama is so FIT, I cannot cope with her.”

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