Love Island's first-ever winter winner Paige Turley reveals what really happens in the villa

LOVE Island's first-ever winter winner Paige Turley has dished the first on what really happens in the villa.

Paige has revealed what went on off camera – including nights playing games and the stars getting secret haircuts.

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But the blonde bombshell admits that there's one particularly embarrassing moment that she has tried to avoid reliving.

Talking to the The Sun’s TV Mag, the 23-year-old shared: "The only thing I’ve ever regretted was when I said to Finn: 'Pucker up, big boy.' I don't know why I used that line!"

"When I came out, someone said it to me and I was like: 'Oh, that’s a thing…'"

Although the stunner says she "wouldn’t change anything", filming the series in Cape Town, South Africa, was not as she expected it to be.

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"I’d always thought you’d have a lot of time by the pool sunbathing, but we actually weren’t ever sitting about too much. We were always kept busy," she told The Sun’s TV Mag.

"The guys would get a barber to come in to do their hair, and we’d have girls come in to do our nails and stuff most weeks, so then you could have some downtime. And we’d get a takeaway usually once a week. One time, we got McDonald’s.

"When we were in the villa, we didn’t really get to see much of South Africa. You’re over there for maybe like a week beforehand, in a sort of lockdown, and I did see a few things then, like Table Mountain in Cape Town.

"There was never really a day off, but we didn’t get bored as there was always something to do in the villa.

"Callum loved 80s songs, so at night we’d play a game – he’d always be humming and you’d have to guess what the song was."

The show’s first-ever ‘winter’ winners are still going strong, and are now living together in Manchester.

While she may still be happily coupled up with Finn, if Paige – who shared the £50,000 prize money with her boyfriend – were to find herself single and get the call for an all-stars series of Love Island, would she be up for getting involved?

The TV star admits: "Definitely. It was such a good experience, although I’m not sure what I did with the prize money.

"I bought a MacBook and a pair of boots. I don’t really know what I’ve done with the rest!."

"We had a great villa, everybody got on. There wasn’t even that much drama. It just felt like a big holiday with your friends.

"We see the guys who are Manchester-based quite a lot – Callum, Molly and Jamie.

I’m still in touch with Shaughna, the twins and Demi – quite a lot of the gang. I’d love to go back in with Olivia Attwood – she seems like good fun."

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