Love Island viewers shocked by 'controlling' Jake as he holds Liberty back during 'staged' moment

LOVE Island viewers were left horrified tonight as Jake held Liberty back when she tried to celebrate with Kaz.

Liberty was desperate to congratulate her best mate after Tyler asked them to be exclusive – but Jake had other ideas.

Afterwards, Liberty seemed concerned about this behaviour and admitted she felt like he was just doing it for the cameras.

Later in bed, she tried to bring it up with him – pointing out that he often reminds her they are on a TV show.

Those watching at home were not impressed with his behaviour and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote:  “Jake is secretly controlling and manipulative and it showed tonight #LoveIsland.”

A second added: “Tf sort of vibe is Jake on???! Why’s he controlling her and not letting her give her bestfriend a hug :/// #LoveIsland.”

While a third tweeted: “Honestly wtf jake let Liberty go see her friend! Defo low key controlling signs.. get him out #Loveisland.”

And a fourth remarked: “Had to watch that twice, that was some controlling behaviour from Jake, bug Red flag #loveIsland.”

Later in the episode, Liberty was left furious as Jake sat flirting with Mary- discussing if they want children in the future.

Turning to Chloe, Liberty declared: “Things in my gut don’t sit right.

She continued: “In my head I think am I overthinking it but no, I am just very perceptive and clued up on s**t. 

“If he is taking me for granted, he’s not the one for me babe. It’s just hard to see Chlo.”

As he continued chatting away, Liberty stormed off to the dressing room where she broke down in tears. 

The couple hit a rocky patch after Movie Night, which showed Jake egging the boys on to cheat.

Liberty was then horrified to hear Jake's savage comment about sex with her.

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In the clip Jake, 24, appeared on the huge outdoor screen with Hugo and said: "She's not all that.

"It's not 100 per cent. I haven't got the girl, that I'm like, f**k me, I want to rip her clothes off. I don't want to fake it, do you know what I mean?"

The remark left Liberty reeling as Faye screamed "s**t!!".

Stunned Lib asked the girls: "What does that mean he doesn't think I'm fit?" as one said: "No, it was just early days."

But Liberty wasn't convinced and later told producers in the Beach Hut: "To hear that coming from your partner, saying I didn’t want to rip her clothes off, I don’t fancy her, or know if the attraction is there, it is brutal."

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