Love Island fans left gobsmacked as Lillie names her teddy Bussy: ‘Did I hear that wrong?’

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Love Island fans believe Lillie Haynes’ cuddly toy, Bussy, has got a rude meaning behind it.

The blonde beauty entered the show on Monday night after joining the second villa, Casa Amor, along with six new bombshells. But the 22 year old trainee accountant has already caused a stir, after sharing a bed with bricklayer Liam Reardon – who is already coupled up withMillie Court , 24.

And now, during last night’s explosive episode, South Shields’ Lillie revealed that Bussy is the name of her teddy, leaving fans to question the meaning behind it.

Introducing her cuddly toy to Liam, who she asked to share a bed with, she said: “There has gotta be room for three though because I do have some extra baggage with us.”

To which Liam responded: “It’s not a little teddy, is it?”

“He’s called Bussy,” Lillie said.

A perplexed Liam asked: “Bootsy? Or Bussy? Is it p***y with a b?” the bricklayer questioned.

Lillie added: “Yeah. We’ll work on that one.”

Love Island fans were quick to jump on Twitter to guess the supposed meaning behind it.

One viewer of the dating show wrote: “Lillie has s*** game omg. Ain’t a Bussy a booty h**e? This ain’t a chase, this is a disaster.”

Another added: “Bussy is her stuffed animals name!? LMAOOO.”

“I just re-watched Love Island and I’m still confused as to how you name a stuffed animal ‘Bussy’, a third wrote.

While a fourth tweeted: “Did I hear that wrong or did Lillie say she named her teddy “Bussy”."

“Thanks Lillie just had to explain to my mum what a bussy was…” another viewer joked.

Elsewhere during Tuesday’s episode, Liam left fans "disappointed", after he admitted that he found Lillie "sexy" and that he "likes flirting" with her.

On Tuesday's instalment, Lillie tells Liam: "You make me smile. I feel very nervous around you, in a good way."

To which he replies: "My head is with Millie. But I’m here, I’m not in the villa. I’ve known Millie for two and a half weeks and I've been spending every day with her. Where is your head at?"

Lillie responded: "You. I’m not going to even play it cool! I know I’m quite comfortable here. So I’m throwing everything in the bag."

Towards the end of the episode viewers saw Liam admit in the Beach Hut: "I do get on with Lillie, she’s a nice girl. I do think she is very attractive but I’m here just to have fun."

Fans were also shown a dramatic spoiler for Wednesday's episode as it showedChloe Burrowsreceiving a postcard from Casa Amor.

As it gave fans a glimpse at the next instalment, voiceover host Iain Stirling teased: "Tomorrow night, big news sends the villa into meltdown."

It then shows Chloe, 25, walking downstairs to collect a postcard from the front door which was addressed with: "Love Island Villa, Mallorca, Balearic Islands".

Turning over the post to see what was on the other side, the Islander was left gobsmacked as she shouted: "Oh my, no f**king way!" while putting her hand over her mouth.

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