Love Island fans call out Luca’s huge blunder as he makes Paige’s ‘head spin’

Love Island fans have been left shocked after Luca Bish made a huge blunder by talking to his current partner Paige Turley about his potential love interest Tasha, making Paige's 'head spin'.

Whilst the UK public voted to put Luca, 23, and Paige, 20, in a couple together from Day One of season eight of the hit ITV show, Luca’s attentions have been focused on 23 year old Yorkshire dancer, Tasha Ghouri.

It seems that his affections are being returned by the blonde beauty, however, drama has ensued, after Luca has accused Tasha’s partner Andrew Le Paige, 27, of ‘snaking him’.

After Andrew lied and told Tasha that Luca had said that she wasn’t in his ‘top three’ of girls in the villa, Luca was annoyed, and he vented his frustrations to his bewildered partner, Paige.

Speaking to Paige, he said: “He [Andrew] said to her [Tasha] last night, he went to her ‘Luca said you weren’t even in his top three’’, to which Paige replied: “And obviously she is?”, and Luca said: “Well yeah”.

He continued: “I would just never dig another boy out just to get a girl.

“If my game is s**t, if a girl doesn’t like me then fair play, you win.”

Explaining how he felt, Luca said: “I was raging. Like Tasha told me, I was like ‘what the f**k’”.

Paige then said: “I’m sure it will be fine, it’s just a misunderstanding and…”

Luca interjected, saying: “There’s no like…there ain’t even an explanation for it, there isn’t like an ‘oh I was joking’ or…”,

“I would just be like, ‘mate you’re being a c**t, quit being one and say sorry’”.

Continuing his impassioned rant, he said: “Everything’s playing in my head like because he just wants me to f**k off Tasha…not like ‘f**k her off’ but like not…”, to which Paige finished his sentence saying: “Not try and pursue it”.

The clip then cut to a visibly frustrated Paige in the Beach Hut who said: “Oh for God’s sake, Luca making my head spin again”.

Fans of Love Island have stormed to Twitter to call him out for the blunder.

Former Love Island winner Amber Gill wrote: “Now Luca BOY Why would you say that to Paige!!! Is he dumb!?!! There's 12 other people to talk about that with”.

Another person shared a meme, writing: “Luca are you alright? That’s Paige you’re talking to”.

Someone else shared a snapshot of former Love Islander Maura Higgins looking incredulous, and wrote: “Paige listening to Luca tell her how bad he wants Tasha”.

Yet another person wrote: “Can we talk on Luca and Paige, I feel like he makes her uncomfortable but she’s too nice to say anything”, whilst someone else wrote: “How’s Luca confiding in Paige about Tasha LOOL the guys brain doesn’t work”.

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