Love Island bosses face fix allegations over using Toby to ‘sex up borefest’

Love Island bosses are ­facing fix allegations that lothario Toby Aromolaran is a plant to sex up this year’s "borefest" of a series.

Fans are flooding social media with accusations after semi-pro footballer Toby’s head-spinning habit of constantly and awkwardly flitting between females.

The Essex lad, 22, who plays for Hashtag United, first swapped Chloe for Abigail.

He then moved on to Mary – who he’s thought to have had sex with hours before going back to Chloe.

One fan, convinced his womanising means he must be a plant, tweeted: "Toby is a Love Island plant. You cannot be this chaotic naturally.

"That man is being coached on how to be as ridiculous as possible."

Another insisted: "Convinced Toby is secretly a Love Island intern who’s been sent in the villa to cause chaos and confusion."

A third joked: "I want a whole other series just psychoanalysing his mind."

Accusations he is a fake come after rejected contestant Chuggs Wallis, 23, revealed a few behind-the-scenes secrets of Love Island – including bans on the cast chatting between filming.

He said: "The producers will tell you to stop talking if you reveal any drama when there are no cameras rolling."

Ex-contestant Olivia Attwood, 30, who appeared on the 2017 series, added: "There’s a long dining table next to the kitchen and you get a 20-minute warning. The food comes in on big trays.

"The producers sit with you so you can’t have chats about the show."

The cast are also stopped from having watches or knowing the time.

Recoupling scenes take hours to shoot and are often filmed in the early hours of the morning when the contestants have no clue it is 4am.

Viewers of this year’s show have highlighted how scenes in trailers have been cut.

Snubbed contestants also claim the full context of rows and conversations are often never seen.

Love Island has been contacted for comment on the Toby accusations.

There will be a recoupling during Tuesday's episode where the girls will pick a boy to couple up with.

Toby is currently paired with Mary but will he pick Chloe after admitting he still has feelings for her?

All eyes will also be on Millie Court after he ended her romance with Liam Reardon in recent scenes following his Casa Amor fling with Lillie Hayes.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVHub at 9pm

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