Lorraine’s appearance savaged by Ben Shephard ‘Looks like a Quality Street’

Lorraine compared to 'purple Quality Street' by Ben Shephard

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On Friday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins were back to present the latest news headlines. Towards the end of the programme, the duo cut to Lorraine to discuss what was coming up on her show. However, Ben couldn’t resist commenting on Lorraine’s appearance as the Scottish host, who was sitting in the studio, could be seen wearing a lilac, sparkly dress.

Ben likened Lorraine’s outfit to a purple Quality Street sweet.

Despite Lorraine finding Ben’s jibe funny, Charlotte stepped in to apologise for her co-host’s comments.

Ben defended his comments, insisting he meant it as a compliment as the “Big Purple One” is the name of the sweet in question.

“Morning Lorraine, you’re looking very festive today,” Charlotte commented. “What have you got for us?”

Complimenting Charlotte’s dress, Lorraine replied: “I love that dress.

“I know Ben., you always look lovely I don’t need to say that to you. It’s a given.”

“Every day this week I have been watching you praise the girls,” Ben chipped in.

“Poor old Adil [Ray] earlier on in the week didn’t get a sniff, Lorraine.”

“He knows he looks beautiful,” the host continued.

After introducing what was happening on her show, Lorraine pointed to her dress and said: “This is why I have got this on.”

“You have to dress up for Adam Lambert,” she added.

“Too right, a Christmas cracker I’d say,” Ben told her.

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“You like a Big Purple One in a Quality Street,” Ben joked.

“I do,” Lorraine laughed as she saw the funny side of Ben’s remark. “I’ll take that.”

Defending his comment, Ben continued: “You look like the delicious purple one, let’s leave it there.”

Charlotte proceeded to step in to apologise, as she said: “So sorry Lorraine, honestly.”

“It’s the one everyone loves,” Charlotte added as Ben said: “Soft in the middle.”

 Viewers also saw the funny side of Ben’s remark, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

 Ian joked: “#GMB the big purple one no one likes.”

 Mary tweeted: “The big purple one in Quality Street.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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