Long Lost Family fans in tears as man discovers his abusive foster family tied him up in the garden

LONG Lost Family: What Happened Next viewers were left in tears this evening when a participant discovered that his abusive foster family tied him up in the garden as a child.

Geoffrey Thomas had no memory of the vile abuse he had suffered, only finding out after he was reunited with his long lost sister Barbara Jacobs.

Geoffrey's mum had been forced to give him up, and he spent time in several foster homes before his adoption aged seven.

He could not recall anything that happened in the first seven years of his life, only learning of the abuse when he was able to access his adoption file for the first time on the ITV show.

The report showed that he was removed from one foster home when neighbours reported the carers for neglect – telling authorities he'd been mistreated, including being tied up in the garden.

Barbara broke down in tears as she heard about what her brother went through, and viewers were also heartbroken by the scenes.

One wrote: "I am sobbing my heart out for Geoffrey."

Another added: "#LongLostFamily normally has me in tears at the reunions, but hearing the reports of how Geoffrey was treated as a child at the foster homes was very upsetting.

"I’m so glad Geoffrey and Barbara have one another now."

A third said: "So sad for Geoffrey , because of the situation he couldn't be in any house with his family #longlostfamily".

Geoffrey was removed from the placement following the reports, with the foster parents banned from looking after any more children going forward.

Barbara was devastated by the story, crying: "Who would do that to a young boy? Thank god he can't remember."

Geoffrey also faced heartache when his biological dad George Holland briefly took him in having previously paid maintenance and wrote letters to his son.

However, Geoffrey was forced back into the system when George's wife said that she didn't want to live with him.

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