Location Location Location viewers switch off after Phil Spencer hunting video

Location, Location, Location viewers switched off last night after a controversial trophy hunting video of 'psycho' Phil Spencer went viral on social media.

Some viewers on Twitter voiced their disgust at the video showing the presenter holding a dead deer he'd just shot.

Phil, 51, usually hosts property advice shows alongside Kirstie Allsopp for Channel 4.

The footage has resurfaced from an online TV channel called Fieldsports channel and was originally aired in 2011.

It shows Phil examining a dead deer and marvelling at his "cheeky shot".

The Evening Standard explained that Phil was accompanying Kent farm manager Andy Crow, who found deer had decimated his crops.

The pair began by shooting pigeons then moved on to hunting deer.

The video, posted in June 2020, has been viewed by over 1.2 million Twitter users.

Crouching down next to his kill, Phil said: "I managed to get a cheeky shot on a slightly difficult angle.

"It didn’t sound like I’d actually hit it."

He smiled: "I am absolutely chuffed to bits.

"It has been my ambition to shoot a deer for a very, very long time.

"Thanks, Buddy," he said proudly while tapping the deceased deer's head.

"But I will remember you for as long as I shall live.

"Hopefully, I might get to taste him as well."

Phil's hunting may have made a dent in viewing figures as many chose not to watch Location, Location, Location in protest.

An angry Twitter user wrote: "Wow. I will never watch a show with @PhilSpencerTV again @Channel4.

"The way he’s yanking & slapping this poor dead deer around. Just needs a loin cloth and chest-beating, and it’s like evolution from Stone Age never happened. Who fantasises about killing beautiful animals? Sick."

A ex-fan said: "Not watching #channel4 #locationlocationlocation because Phil Spencer is vile."

Another added: ""I see there is a new episode of #locationlocationlocation on #channel4 tonight, hope the locals have their pets in to protect them from psycho @PhilSpencerTV, in fact, hope no one is watching this until the p***k is removed from his job."

A fourth commented: ""Anyone watching 'How to kill a deer and take f***ing pleasure in it?' Sorry. I mean #locationlocationlocation @C4Locations."

In a 2011 statement, the TV host told the Daily Mail: "Because I've been involved in different types of fieldsports since practically I could walk it's always been around me.

"It's something I'm very comfortable about. It's part of me – it's my complete passion."

He continued: "Around 100,000 deer are culled in the UK each year, not purely related to crop protection, but this is an absolutely necessary precaution against over-population. I took this particular animal home and it has since fed around 35 people."

"I’m sorry if killing such a beautiful animal is difficult for some people to stomach.”

"But I would also hope that anyone who enjoys eating any type of meat stops to appreciate that their chicken, sheep, cow, pig etc also had to die in order to end up on their dinner plate – and almost certainly had a less fulfilling life than this wild fallow buck did."

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