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LITTLE People Big World fans have slammed Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek for "disgusting" casserole dinner in a video at home.

Amy's son Zach Roloff, 32, was also slammed by fans for his less-than-stellar foray into Christmas light decorating.

The latest episode of Little People Big World featured a casserole cook-off battle between, married couple, Amy Roloff, 57, and Chris Marek, 55.

The episode, appropriately titled A Roloff Party-Off, was filmed during the Christmas season and showcases the pair in their holiday pajamas.

In it, Amy explains during a confessional that "tonight will be a fun night because we've invited our neighbors over…for dinner and we're having a casserole cook-off."

Chris interrupts, "Slight correction, I just asked if I could make my tater-tot casserole for dinner, and…you didn't want me to outdo [you] so you're the one who said well I'm going to make something, you turned it into a challenge."


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The episode cuts to the Roloff kitchen where Amy and Chris prepare their competing casseroles.

Chris questions, "I don't think we've ever cooked competing dishes before, have we?"

Amy doesn't answer but instead issues a warning.

"Well you're in my world, so you better be careful."

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Back in the confessional, Amy and Chris's competitive natures begin to rear their heads as the two trade verbal jabs back and forth.

Chris starts the playful banter by saying, "We've got two different casseroles going on, my tater-tot casserole against her chicken something or other…"

"Cheesy chicken casserole", Amy quickly corrects.

Her husband continues: "Are good friends…are going to be the judges."

"Who will win?" questions Amy but Chris just snarkily replies, "I hope you don't cry."


Later in the episode, the couple's neighbors join them for dinner and more importantly the judging.

Amy and Chris serve the pair each of their, to some not so appealing, casseroles.

Before their friends can dig in, Amy admits that she "has more of a tendency to express her competitiveness".

"I'm more like oh no man, bring it on!"

The neighbors try both dishes, with each getting compliments but after the tasting, the judging must commence.

The couple counts to three and then reveals their pick for the winner.

On three the competition ends in a tie with the wife choosing Amy's casserole and the husband picking Chris's dish.


Fans discussed the competition on a popular Little People Big World Reddit page with many of them thinking Amy and Chris both lost the cook-off.

One Redditor wrote: "Okay I’m no chef but a casserole shouldn’t come out like a pile of mess. Should of let them rest a bit perhaps. It kind of just looked like slop."

A second person commented: "Both of those casseroles looked disgusting. Did you like the light brown slop or the dark brown slop better, neighbors?"

Another added, "It was like prison slop slapped on the plate".

One Redditor defended the cooking talents of both Amy and Chris writing, "I'm not an especially good cook but I can tell you from experience that casseroles often look like slop".


The episode also featured Zach and Tori Roloff decorating their $1M mansion with Christmas lights.

Zach told his parents that they wanted to do Christmas on their own this year and he got started on decorating the house.

About four minutes into the episode, Zach is seen getting the decorations out and putting them up.

"This is our first Christmas in the new house, so to make it a little bit more special for the kids, we want to decorate the outside with some lights," he said.

He was seen putting up big, bulb lights and other decorations.

The 32-year-old wrapped the lights around tree branches, bushes, and all throughout the backyard.

He talked about their plans for Christmas while decorating and the kids and Tori stood at the door to watch him.

The LPBW star struggled a bit to put the lights on the tree.

He explained that they would show the kids all the lights when it turned dark.

About 12 minutes into the episode, Zach and Tori brought their kids out back to see the lights.

After they counted down, Zach plugged the lights in and the two trees lit up.

It looked like more work than it turned out to be, but the kids were happy with it.

The lights were very dim and did not illuminate the whole backyard.

Tori said afterward that they will probably go bigger next year.


After the episode aired, Reddit fans were quick to slam the couple for how the lights turned out.

"The Christmas lights were so terrible and anti-climatic," wrote one fan.

They continued, "They looked like they'd been blown around in a storm and landed haphazardly before being plugged in."

"Those Christmas lights were sad!" added another fan.

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A third user chimed in with, "Yeah the decorations on the mower were like 'really Zach? Just move the mover or have someone do it for you if it's too heavy.'"

"I am not a huge fan of outdoor lights in weird places like trees. Zach of course screws it up and does one tree wrong," wrote another.

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