Lisa Faulkner hints she’s not returning to Celebrity Gogglebox in cast shake-up

Lisa Faulkner and her best friend Nicola Stephenson entertained the nation while appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox – but they might not be returning.

The actress, 50, and Nicola first appeared on the show back in 2019 as they sat down to deliver their verdict on the previous week's television.

But while fans may have enjoyed seeing them dig into a variety of treats as well as being left speechless by certain television shows or films, they could be left disappointed.

During an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Lisa hinted she's not making a return to the popular Channel 4 show.

Reflecting on filming the show, she said: "It's quite long but it's not too bad.

"It's funny because they're like 'Oh this is this bit, watch this and this is nice', they ask what you want.

"You just sit there and you sort of forget quite quickly that there are cameras on you because you're just watching the telly but it was really fun to be asked – I'd love to do it again, it was great."

Shedding light on what it's like to film the show, Lisa admitted that she had no idea what producers were about to show her.

The former EastEnders actress explained: "No, they sort of don't say anything, they like to surprise you."

Lisa previously reflected on what it's like working with her husband John Torode, admitting the couple "don't separate work and home life" from their TV show.

Discussing Weekend Kitchen, she said: "We don't separate it on set, it's just like we're cooking in our kitchen.

"I think that's what is really funny, when we're on set cooking, we may as well be in our kitchen at home."

She continued: "Anyone that comes to our kitchen at home says 'Oh my God' if they've watched the show, they say 'it's just like being at your house.

"We just rub along nicely in the kitchen together, it's fun," Lisa said before adding: "It's hard because we shoot quite a few shows in one day but we must love doing it, they just let us go, they say 'Right, there's the stuff if you just want to plod through'."

But it wasn't a difficult decision to bring their marital life onto the screen, with Lisa saying: "It was just one of those things people asked us to do.

"I said 'Absolutely, I'd love to do a cooking show with John', as long as it was authentic and not as though it was in a studio, we wanted to do it like we were at home."

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