Labour Party is a f***ing disgrace – I'm going to start my own political party,' says Noel Gallagher

ROCKER Noel Gallagher has a passion for politics and it is fair to say he is not a happy man.

In a scathing new interview the Oasis guitarist has launched a blistering attack on the Labour Party he supported, saying it has turned on working-class voters and left him with no choice but to shun the ballot box

Noel, 54, seethed: “I f***ing hate the Labour Party, they’re a f***ing disgrace. What they’ve become now, a disgrace.

“They’ve betrayed the working classes, they’ve betrayed ordinary people and they’ve allowed this shower to run the country for however long they’ve f***ing run the country.

“The modern Labour Party is middle-class ****s who f***ing hate the working class, they hate them, it’s as simple as that. “I haven’t voted for years.

“Anyone in their right mind who does take part in that whole circus is a f***ingidiot.

“Let’s say you call an election tomorrow and you vote this lot out and Labour in, you’re still going to be in the same position in three or four years from now.

“They are not capable of running an after-show party.

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“I should start a new party called the After Show Party, it would be great.”

Noel formed Oasis with brother Liam, 49, in 1991, when Conservative John Major was Prime Minister. Over the next six years the band stormed the charts with two No1 albums, while the Tory party was rocked by scandals and lost voters.

Noel became a close supporter of Tony Blair and his vision for New Labour.

The musician, who was raised with his brother Liam and their big sibling Paul in a modest semi-detached home on a council estate in Burnage, Manchester, was even seen smiling and shaking hands with Tony Blair at a Downing Street party following Blair’s election victory in May 1997.

At The Brit Awards two months earlier Noel had given Blair a shout-out on stage, telling fans the soon-to-be PM “was giving a little hope to young people in this country”.

After Blair resigned a decade later Noel said he became disillusioned with the direction of the party.


But it was Boris Johnson’s victory at the 2019 General Election that made the rocker turn his back on Labour.

Noel added: “He is the symbol of how f***ing disgraceful the Labour Party are.

“If that man and this Conservative party won a landslide against the Labour Party then what are we saying about the f***ing Labour Party. A f***ingdisgrace.

“This Tory lot was like, ‘We’ll patronise them then’. That’s what happened, when they got all the votes up North.”

On Labour under previous leader Jeremy Corbyn, 72, and now Sir Keir Starmer, 59.

Noel said: “Everything is an extreme view now — there’s no middle ground, like New Labour, there is no third way.

“All the people now who vote Labour are extreme Labour Party voters and all the people who vote Conservative are extreme Conservative.

"And people like me, who are in the middle, don’t believe in either of them. I believed in New Labour, which kind of danced in the twilight between the two and somehow it worked.”

Father-of-three Noel, who lives in a Hertfordshire country pile with his wife, publicist Sara MacDonald, 51, admitted he has wrongly been labelled a Conservative supporter because of his refusal to vote.

It is this assumption, Noel admitted, that really made his blood boil.

He continued: “I see it written about myself a lot that I’m a Tory because I don’t vote Labour.

"So it’s like, ‘Right, so because I don’t believe in your version of the Labour Party that must make me a Conservative’.

“The arrogance of that comment by young, middle-class csuckers is staggering. And if you don’t vote then you must be a Tory.

“Every time I earn a pound, 50 per cent of it goes to the Government. Half of everything, I pay 50 per cent tax. If I was that much of a Tory then I’d live in Switzerland wouldn’t I?

“Those of us that stay here and pay 50 per cent of everything to a failing f***ing country proves that we’re not money-grabbing c***s.”


Noel made millions during his 18 years in Oasis, who scored eight No1 singles and eight No1 albums, and sold more than 70million records worldwide.

The band broke up in 2009 following a series of bust-ups between the brothers.

Despite them no longer performing, Noel and Liam’s Big Brother Recordings firm raked in £5.4million in 2020 just from Oasis’ back catalogue.

The hugely popular Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, which the rocker formed in 2010 and has had four No1 albums, lined his pockets further.

He is now reported to have more than £50million stashed away in the coffers.

But despite his huge fortune — and the fact he is forced to hand over half of his earnings in tax — Noel claims he does not know how much he is worth.

Speaking on The Matt Morgan Podcast, Noel said of his bank balance: “I genuinely have no idea.

“I’ve got a card for getting money out of the wall, but I rarely get money out of the wall now because I don’t carry cash any more.

“I’ve got a credit card, an American Express card. Then I’ve got a company card for my record label.

“Every time you get a significant amount of money, as I understand it — and I’m f***ing useless with money, I don’t get involved in the distribution of it — most of it is taken off me by my accountant and put somewhere safe.

“It’s not in the f***ing NatWest at the end of the street in case you roll in there p***ed one afternoon and say, ‘I’d like to empty my account to buy a school’.

“I don’t know how much money I’ve got, to be honest. Didn’t some weirdo from the Eighties say, ‘You should know how much money you’ve got down to the last penny’.

“I genuinely have no idea, and part of me doesn’t want to ask in case I haven’t got as much as I think I’ve got.

“I’ll come back from a meeting all sheepish. ‘Good day?’ “Not really.”


There is little chance of Noel’s pot running dry any time soon. He is set to tour with his High Flying Birds next summer, following the release of Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021) six months ago.

And there is no let-up in his schedule, as next month Noel plans to film the making of the group’s next album at London’s Abbey Road studios, made famous by The Beatles.

Superfan Noel has been inspired by Peter Jackson’s Fab Four documentary Get Back, which shows the band making hit album Let It Be in 1969.

Yet unlike that film, there won’t be any footage of Noel writing his tracks, because he says it wouldn’t compare to Paul McCartney coming up with Get Back with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Noel said: “Me writing, once you’ve seen it for an hour, then you’ve seen it. They’re The Beatles and Paul McCartney is writing Get Back and I’m writing a B record which, frankly, with the best will of the world, not a lot of people are going to give a s**t about.

“Me noodling away on the same five chords I’ve been using all my life going, ‘Sunshine, through the rain, can’t buy fame . . . ’, it’s not got the same gravitas.”

Though he added: “Once the recording is in full swing there can be magic moments.”

On the new record, Noel said: “I started writing the album in January and I thought if I get it finished by the week leading up to Christmas it’ll be great. I actually finished it with one day to spare. I’ll start recording properly on January 20.”

And there is a treat in the works for Oasis fans, with Noel promising two new acoustic ballads similar to Talk Tonight.

Noel added: “There’s one or two on the new album which are in that vein. “One is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written, it’s got great chords and it’s very, very sad.

“In the verses the music is quite sad and the sentiment in the verses is quite strong, but in the chorus the music is quite uplifting and the words are quite sad. “It’s a f***ing great song.”

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