Kirstie Allsopp blasts visiting rules at hospitals ‘Wildly slow and unimaginative’

Kirstie Allsopp admits she doesn't like 'mean' reputation

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Kirstie Allsopp slammed hospitals’ post-coronavirus visiting rules on Thursday’s instalment of Tonight with Andrew Marr on LBC. The Location, Location, Location star launched a scathing attack where she claimed patients in some parts of the country have to choose just one or two family members to visit for the whole length of their hospital stay. 

Andrew asked Kirstie if she thought some hospitals have simply been far too slow and unimaginative in how they treat visitors.

The presenter replied: “I think they’ve been wildly slow and unimaginative. 

“And the reason I think that is because there are hospitals that have normal visiting practices.

“Obviously it’s not a free for all, hospitals aren’t Disneyland, you know, two visitors around the bed is quite enough and 11am to 8pm, don’t stay too long. 

“That’s all reasonable. But if many, many hospitals are able to do that there’s no data to support the hospitals which aren’t doing that.”

“And there’s a big difference between hospitals?” Andrew asked.

She replied: “A vast difference Andrew. I mean, I don’t want to name hospitals here, but there are hospitals all over the country which have enormous differences.

“As I said, there are some hospitals where you can only visit by appointment or worse.”

The presenter claimed certain hospitals have a system called “a purpose for visit”. 

Kirstie explained: “Obviously, as you know, if someone has suffered from a stroke or postoperative delirium or has received bad news and had to

have rushed surgery, they’re in shock and familiar faces are incredibly medically important.”

She explained how she started campaigning, adding: “Funnily enough, the death of a friend’s mother in a care home began it. 

“But a year ago a great friend’s father had a stroke while he was in the hospital and his vaccinated mother who had the early signs of dementia was not allowed to visit him for six weeks.”

Kirstie felt this was “completely unreasonable” as well as “cruel” and urged people who want to visit their loved ones in a hospital to “get vocal about it” if they face any difficulties.

She also claimed Wales “continues to be very tough on visiting” compared to hospitals in England and Scotland. 

The interview divided viewers, with some questioning why the Channel 4 presenter was brought on the show to discuss the health care system.

@SorcererLazaro said: “She should stay in her lane and leave this stuff to the people who actually know about and work in healthcare.”

However, Kirstie clapped back: “You should stop being a coward and use your real identity. If you have one?”

Defending the presenter, Rashmi Makwana said: It’s very painful to see you getting trolled like this @KirstieMAllsopp. 

“All you are trying to do is help patients and their families. Stay strong and keep fighting for what is right.”

Tonight with Andrew Marr on LBC airs Monday to Thursday at 6pm. 

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