Kevin Williamson Talks ‘World of Unrest’ as Inspiration for ‘Tell Me a Story’

Kevin Williamson’s latest drama, “Tell Me a Story,” blends versions of three classic fairy tales — “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “The Three Little Pigs” — but he didn’t just want to rely on versions of stories already known. Instead, he set out to “write something that was relevant today” for his CBS All Access series and create characters that lived and breathed in the modern world.

The real world became inspiration for “Tell Me a Story” on a number of levels. Within the first few minutes of the premiere episode he incorporates news footage of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders press conference along with commentary about “another shooting” from one of the characters.

“We live in such a world of unrest, such a divided time, such an angry time,” Williamson says. “We’re stuck in this moment in time where we’re just waiting for things to change so we can get on with it, not realizing this is it — the new reality.”

That feeling of unrest most fed into his version of the Three Little Pigs’ story. In his version, those characters are three men who don pig masks to pull off a robbery. While the show starts off with them as villains, it will pull back the curtain to “get into their lives and see who they are and what led them down the road to do what they did,” Williamson says. Similarly, the seeming hero of the story, Jordan (James Wolk), will be led on a “quest of vengeance” after his encounter with the Three Little Pigs.


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