Kelly in serious danger as she tracks dead dad Rick's enemies in Corrie

A few weeks ago, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) was given even more of dad Rick’s dodgy money in Coronation Street.

She was given his cash after his body was found and Laura (Kel Allen) told the police she murdered him, taking the fall for Gary (Mikey North) – who currently looks after Kelly.

With the bag of money in hand, Kelly hopped on a tram and disappeared, leaving viewers to wonder what she was up to.

Shortly after, it was revealed Kelly had used some of the cash to pay for Abi’s (Sally Carman) legal fees, as she was in the middle of a custody battle with Imran (Charlie de Melo).

Kelly continues the random acts of kindness in upcoming episodes, as she tells Aadi (Adam Hussain) she’s trying to return the cash to the people Rick ripped off over the years.

Knowing a little about the dangerous life Rick led, Aadi tells Kelly it’s best if she asks Gary for advice.

Kelly ignores Aadi’s wishes as a few days later, she jumps on a bus to find another one of Rick’s clients – but will she land in danger?

How will Gary react when he finds out what Kelly is up to?

Discussing Kelly’s decision to take part in this risky plan, Millie Gibson recently told us:

‘I think she wants to redeem her dad’s work in any way she can. When she was passed down the money from him, she repeatedly called it “dirty blood money”. I think her way of paying back all the wrongs her dad committed, I know it won’t save the people who are too late but it could save the ones who have a chance, because she always believes in second chances. She’s trying to redeem it in any way she can.

‘Whenever she’s knocking on the door to these people’s lives she’s just thinking it’ll change their life for the better. I do think she’s being quite gullible but if it did turn out to be wrong for her I think, because she’s had so many downfalls and slaps in the face I think she does have that spike in her. It’s definitely hard when she’s had so many fall-backs.’

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