Katie Price says Piers has got to be able to ‘take it’ as well as dish it out

Katie Price and Piers Morgan have known each other for years, and Katie has often made appearances on Good Morning Britain when he was a presenter on the ITV show.

Appearing on Steph’s Packed Lunch today, the mum-of-five chatted about the latest developments in the Meghan Markle interview saga and the drama that followed Piers’ scathing comments on GMB.

Pausing to consider, the reality TV personality said: "I like Piers, I know him off telly, I like the man.

"But also, when he’s on telly, he does say things. He rubs people up the wrong way, and the thing is if you give an opinion and people don’t like it, you’ve got to expect to take it on the chin back.

"And this is such a grey area because there’s so many lovers of the royals," the star continued. "And some people might not be… like my sister she’s so into the history of the royals and she loves the royal family, and her view is different to my view.

"We’ve all got different views you see, but the mental health stuff in it – I thought she was quite genuine. I know she’s an actress and stuff so you know she might be acting but I didn’t come away hating her or anything like that.

"I just respected what they said but at the end of the day, none of us are going to know the truth," the star went on.

Katie also shared her support for the Duchess of Sussex in relation to her struggles with privacy, because she’s had her own difficulties with the press.

Going on to say how she’d reacted watching the Oprah Winfrey interview, Katie explained: "I could relate in a lot of ways, when you put yourself in the public eye like I have on reality shows you do have to expect they will turn up and take pictures of you.

"But when you’re at home I think you should be able to have some privacy.

"I’ve had drones go over the property, they wait at the end of your drive way and hide in the bushes. Well I never saw the cameras so to me that’s like stalking."

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Katie admitted she’s often felt fear at spotting paparazzi photographers, because she insisted there’s no way to know for sure who they are and if she could trust them.

"It’s frustrating and it can cause you mental anxiety," she nodded.

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner said despite a love hate relationship with the press and photographers, she thinks a line should be drawn when it comes to people hiding and attempting to spy on her in her own home.

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