Katie Price facing up to £20,000 fine after failing to get planning permission to build new gym next to her mucky mansion – The Sun

SKINT Katie Price could face an eye-watering £20,000 fine if she goes ahead with plans to build a gym next door to her mucky mansion without obtaining planning permission first.

Yesterday The Sun Online exclusively revealed the glamour model, 41, is giving her country pile an overhaul as she bids to make a big showbiz comeback.

However, she could add to her financial woes if she doesn't file the necessary paperwork beforehand.

An insider from Horsham Council told us: “There are no planning applications for that property right now. If she hasn’t put in an application before she starts building, she’ll be in trouble.”

Property owners who fail to get planning permission from the local council can be fined up to £20,000 and ordered to demolish the build and return the land to its original state.

Katie’s publicist had no comment when contacted by The Sun Online.

The cash-strapped star is building a gym, beauty studio and horse exercise arena in the grounds of her massive Sussex home.

A source said: “Katie’s planning this huge showbiz comeback and thinks she’ll be a millionaire by the end of the year, so spending money on the house is actually an investment.

"She’s building a beauty studio where she can film YouTube videos as part of her new vlogging career, and a small gym that Kris can work out of – something she always promised Kieran but didn’t do.

"She’s also building an exercise arena for her horses, too.

"She thinks she can return the house to its former glory at the same time her career takes back off. Then she can show it off on the reality show too.”

Katie narrowly avoided bankruptcy last year and is making large monthly repayments to creditors in a bid to clear her debt.

Liquidators were brought in to break up Jordan Trading Ltd – which handled cash from a range of products including clothing and perfume lines – with Katie owing a total of £2.1 million.

A liquidator’s report into Jordan Trading shows that Katie took out a £154,000 loan from the firm before it went belly-up which she cannot repay and she also owes the tax man £192,000.

Her conduct as the firm’s sole director is being looked at by a government department.

If any wrong-doing in the running of the outfit is discovered she risks being banned from being a company director for up to 15 years.

Katie, who split from her third husband Kieran Hayler last year, avoided bankruptcy at a High Court hearing in December, when she was allowed to enter into the Individual Voluntary Arrangement, a deal to pay back some of her debts.

Jordan Trading was set up in 2003 and at the height of her earning power ten years ago.

She’s been ordered to pay her creditors within four years or her nine-bedroom mansion will be forcibly put up for auction to cover the debts.

But she will only have to pay back 41 percent of what she actually owes — the equivalent of £856,358 — in monthly instalments.

Builders moved into Katie’s house last month despite her being broke – and she drafted in a team to get the house painted and looking good as new.

She's also had a clear out and piles of white goods have been left stacked outside the property after being replaced throughout the house.

What's more, the swimming pool has been refurbished and is back in use, with a new cover visible in aerial snaps.

Katie had been struggling to keep on top her eleven-bedroom as she narrowly avoided bankruptcy last year.

The house in Horsham, West Sussex, costs Katie around £10,000 a month to maintain.

She shares the home with her children Princess and Junior, when they are not with Peter Andre and Bunny and Jett, who divide their time with dad Kieran Hayler too.

Her eldest son Harvey, 17, also lives in the house with her when he’s not in school.

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