Kate Silverton loses two sizes on Strictly – and is back in her wedding dress

Strictly’s Kate Silverton has waltzed off so much weight she’s back in her old wedding dress.

The mum-of-two surprised her husband by squeezing into the gown she wore on their big day eight years ago.

The 48-year-old BBC newsreader, who has dropped two dress sizes rehearsing her sizzling routines, has dug out old clothes to fit her new shape.

Kate said:“It’s really good to be able to go up to the attic and get a whole new old wardrobe.

“I’ve got all these lovely clothes that I haven’t worn in about eight years and I can get back into them.

“Last Sunday I went upstairs and called my husband and children up and I was there in my wedding dress, so that was a thrill.

“The children were like, ‘Wow OK, we’ve never seen this dress before’.

“It sparked a lovely conversation about how Mummy and Daddy got married and so on.

“My body is stronger now, the muscles that are developing, I’m sure I’m much stronger and fitter now than I was eight years ago.

“My legs now are more muscle than anything else – in a nice way. They are very very toned.”

Kate, who is 5ft 10in tall, does not know how much weight she has lost but estimated she is now probably 10st 12lb.

She suffered a setback on Friday after she cracked a rib in rehearsals.

Kate tweeted a string of videos in which she collapsed into giggles while inhaling pain medication.

It clearly hampered her performace as she finished second bottom with partner Aljaž Škorjanec last night.

The star previously put her body under strain competing as a swimmer and triathlete and having back surgery and fertility treatment.

She had four rounds of IVF before conceiving her daughter Clemency, now seven, naturally at 41, and three years later having son Wilbur, four. She said: “Clearly we all put our bodies through the mill a bit at our sort of age, so I’m really grateful.

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“I’m grateful for what my body’s doing and I’m grateful to Aljaz who’s making the most of my physicality and my abilities.

“I’ve never done a step of dance before so to be in my body and express and convey emotion through dance has been extraordinary and for me an extraordinary privilege.”

The star is embracing becoming a role model for women her age.

She said: “I was on the streets for Halloween in my local village with the children and I had all the mums asking me how the Argentine tango was going and saying, ‘Actually it is inspiring’.

Kate – who previously told how her sexy routines had spiced things up in the bedroom with hubby Mike Heron – added: “My husband is just very proud of his wife.

“He’s in the green room while I’m dancing and he’s got more engaged in terms of wanting me to do well than he expected.”

Strictly Come Dancing Sunday night at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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