Kate Garraway’s husband Derek in tears over daughter’s touching message ‘I’m so proud’

Derek Draper tearful after receiving card from his daughter

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ITV viewers were overcome with emotions on Tuesday evening as they tuned in to watch Kate Garraway’s new “heartbreaking” documentary Caring for Derek. The film gave fans an insight into her life as a carer for her husband Derek Draper, who became disabled after contracting Covid-19 in March 2020. During the documentary, Kate and her family celebrated Derek’s birthday. However, while reading a card from his daughter, Derek broke down in tears.

The documentary is a follow-up to Kate’s award winning Finding Derek film that followed her husband’s recovery, as he returned home after more than a year in hospital.

Derek contracted coronavirus in March 2020 and was unable to return home for a year after he was put into an induced coma by doctors.

Since his diagnosis, he has suffered with severe long-term effects and a series of health problems, including multiple organ failure and clots on his lung.

As a result, Derek now requires around-the-clock care and continues to struggle with mobility and communication.

Since returning home, Derek has been able to celebrate a birthday with Kate and their two children, Darcey and Billy.

Derek was overwhelmed by his emotions after reading a card from his daughter, Darcey.

He read the card out aloud: “To the greatest father in the world, Happy Birthday.

“Love you so much. I am so proud of you,” Derek read, before breaking down in tears.

“That’s from Darcey,” Kate explained, as their daughter got up to give Derek a hug.

“They are so proud of you. She might give you a hard time, but she’s proud of you,” Kate remarked.

Speaking to the viewers, Darcey described how her dad’s illness has impacted their family life.

Darcey revealed: “Obviously the relationship is still the same, but I would say that Dad’s still not able to show it as much as before.

“But he still does, just in little ways. You can see the love,” she added.

When asked if she ever worried about people seeing her dad as he struggles with his health, Darcey replied: “Not at all.

“I know some people might be embarrassed by it, but I’m not embarrassed by it just because he survived it.

“Do you know what I mean? It’s more impressive than embarrassing,” she explained.

While watching the documentary, viewers flocked to Twitter to share their support for Derek and his family.

“In tears watching #CaringForDerek I really hope Derek continues to improve and they all get their happy ending. Never underestimate the power the brain has to heal. It’s amazing how people can overcome traumatic injuries @kategarraway,” @j_lou89 wrote.

“What an incredible women Kate Garraway is. Such a heartbreaking yet inspiring watch #CaringForDerek,” @Jesspearce29 said.

“Touching and humbling insight into @kategarraway and family’s lives. I can only imagine how hard and heartbreaking each day, but they all stay so positive. Each little improvement, however tiny, must be the best feeling in the world #CaringForDerek #KateGarraway,” @SamHay added.

Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek is available on ITV Hub now.

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