Judi Dench’s Ed Sheeran lookalike grandson Sam saved by superstar after fans mistakenly mobbed him at gig

ED Sheeran saved a lookalike fan who was mobbed at one of his concerts.

Gig-goers mistook ginger-haired Samuel Williams, 23, for the superstar singer.

He has revealed he was overwhelmed when people swarmed around him to have photos taken.

Ed, 30, intervened by sending his security to check on Sam — who is a grandson of James Bond actress Dame Judi Dench

Sam, 23, recalled: “I was in the crowd at one of his shows and a lot of people wanted their photo with me and it became very tight.

“People were jumping around and jumping over to get a photo.

“I was like, ‘I am not Ed Sheeran guys. Will you stop?’.

“And he sent out his security guard to make sure to come out and see I was all right. And when I met him he said, ‘Oh yeah I sent him out. You needed the help’.”

In a new chat with Dame Judi at London’s Garrick Theatre, Sam praised Ed and admitted he was a big fan of his.

He revealed: “I have tattoos of Ed’s albums (names) on my wrist. I have ‘Plus’, ‘Divide’, ‘Add’ and ‘Multiply’.

“I became a human calculator.

“I still get mistaken for him, not as much anymore.

“I have met him twice and he’s amazing, He is the most down to earth guy.”

Judi, 86, has previously told how her grandson — who works in a casting agency — was offered the chance to become Ed’s double but turned it down.

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