John Cena's New Haircut Gets the Smackdown From WWE Fans: 'Midlife Crisis Hair,' 'Stockbroker,' 'Ned Flanders'

Wrestling fans are SAVAGE.

John Cena’s epic return into the WWE might not as gone as smoothly has he had hoped, all because of one hairy detail.

Although Cena was victorious in the ring, his new hairdo stole the show. Fans had a field day on Twitter Friday night after the WWE star debuted the new look at the WWE Super Show-Down 2018 in Australia. The "Total Bellas" star, who in the past has always rocked a buzzed cut, baffled fans around the globe with a full head of hair.

Fans compared the fresh look to everything from Mark Wahlberg to Homer Simpson to Teddy Perkins from "Atlanta."

One fan wrote that Cena looked like he looked "deep into his 50’s and divorced."

"I was drifting in and out of consciousness earlier…but John Cena is definitely going for that Captain America check," another Twitter user said, referencing Chris Evans recently wrapping up his last movie as the Marvel superhero.

One of the most savage jokes came from a viewer making fun of Cena’s broken relationship with Nikki Bella. "See Nikki, I can change. My hair says it all."

Read on for more of the most savage reactions to Cena’s hair.

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