John Barrowman confuses Lorraine fans with Scottish accent and sequin jockstrap

Dancing On Ice judge John Barrowman has left fans baffled after appearing on Friday's edition of Lorraine.

The Doctor Who actor appeared on the breakfast show to talk about the latest developments on the ice.

Over the past week alone, both Denise van Outen and Billie Shepherd have been forced to drop out of the competition.

Denise, 46, shattered her shoulder in three places causing her to step down, while TOWIE starlet Billie was sadly hit by family bereavement.

While he is known as a tough judge, John insisted he is only cruel to be kind, saying: "It is good to be honest and tell the truth but some people don't like to hear it."

Dressed in his typically flamboyant showbiz attire, John rocked a sequinned golden jacket with black detailing.

But it a shock twist, it seems that was all the star was wearing.

Laughing, he told Lorraine that he was unable to stand up as he was not wearing any trousers.

He went on to add that while he wasn't totally commando, he was wearing sequinned underwear.

John said: "I am actually wearing a sequinned jockstrap.

"I can't really stand up but I can show you the tip."

Looking shocked, Lorraine held up her hands as if to stop her pal.

"No, not now. We will do it after."

Laughing, John repeated: "I can show you the top bit."

Luckily, Lorraine managed to keep John at bay and he didn't get up to show the nation his underwear.

In another bizarre twist, John left fans confused by only talking in a broad Scottish accent.

The American star chatted away in the accent for the whole of the interview – even keeping in character as he laughed about his underwear.

While some viewers were amused by his new voice, others were simply left baffled as to why he wasn't talking normally.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Is John Barrowman practising for a role on still game?

"WTF he normally has an American accent or has lockdown affected me more than I realise?" [sic]

Another added: "#lorraine #ITV Confused this morning watching John Barrowman, where's the American accent suddenly vanished to ?" [sic]

Another third added: "Today’s gripe: John Barrowman’s Scottish accent. That man has spent 17 years on our screens and never once sounded like a Scot but now? Is it because it’s #Lorrain’s birthday? I don’t get it."

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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