Jimmy Kimmel Returns To Brooklyn: “Is Donald Trump President Here Too?”

Jimmy Kimmel is back for Brooklyn Week, explaining, “I had to come back; I still had $8 left on my Metrocard.”

“It’s so much fun to be here, everyone is so welcoming,” he told the raucous crowd at the Howard Gilman Opera House of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

“You know, there’s a perception that New Yorkers are rude, and that really isn’t true. There’s just not a lot of phony chitchat that goes on in other places,” Kimmel joked.

Arriving a few days earlier, he said he took his family out to dinner and when they got out of the car, a guy with his pals in the next car shouted, “Hey – I know you. You’re on TV!  David Letterman!  David Letterman!”

“They were all pretty excited to see David Letterman, I have to say,” Kimmel conceded.

“We are here for a week and then we go back to LA. This is a limited engagement, just like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.”

“I was sad about it too,” Kimmel snarked when the audience groaned.

The hotel where his staff is staying has a strict no smoking or vaping policy, he reported – “not even if you blow it out the window.”

“What kind of a police state is this!?” Kimmel wondered.

Sidekick Guillermo, meanwhile, took in a lot of sightseeing and came back with the spoils. “It looks like Times Square swallowed you and then threw you up,” Kimmel observed.

The ABC late-night host had a “quick New York question” for the crowd, asking, “Is Donald Trump the President here too?”

“So you guys are in the same boat,” he commiserated.

For Kimmel’s first night back in Brooklyn, Eminem performed atop the Empire State Building:

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