Jimmy Kimmel: John Krasinski escalates prank war on Brooklyn episode

John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel are like a real-world Jim and Dwight from The Office. They’ve been pranking each other for so long, going all the way back to when Kimmel was Krasinski’s next-door neighbor in New York. We’re talking surprise Christmas decorations and literal reindeer games. The late-night host finally got away from his buddy’s wrath by moving to California, but with a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode set in Brooklyn this week, Krasinski went on the attack again.

Guesting on Kimmel, the actor-director behind A Quiet Place revealed footage of the surprise waiting at home: Kimmel’s once secret Airbnb was decked out with traffic signs, Christmas inflatables, a gospel choir, a flashy banner, and a sign twirler, all revealing to the neighborhood that “this is Jimmy Kimmel‘s house.”

“What you can’t see, there are 150 people lined up to take this tour of his house,” Krasinski said. “As soon as the choir’s done, they’re all gonna go in. So I would just say, guys, if you’re in Brooklyn, which you already are, get your kids to trick-or-treat early. It’s Park Slope, Brooklyn. You’ll see it. You’ll know it.”

For what it’s worth, Krasinski might’ve overestimated New Yorkers’ — especially Brooklynites’ — celebrity obsession. We see crazier things on the subway on a daily basis.

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