Jimmy Fallon Transforms Into Donald Trump For Halloween Speech

Are you laughing with President Donald Trump or at him? Jimmy Fallon helps you do a little of both in his latest skit on The Tonight Show. He starts with a reference to what Trump and the religious right have dubbed “the war on Christmas.” Except in the skit, Trump/Fallon refers to the war on Halloween.

Dressed as a vampire, he calls himself Count Trumpula. E! News does a partial transcription of the video.

“That’s right! I said it. Happy Halloween. It’s so great to be able to say Happy Halloween again. The war on ‘ween is over.”

He then goes on to brag about his costume noting that a cape is just a giant tie for the back. He went on to say that his costume was a huge success because everyone kept coming up to him to tell him that “You suck!” E! continues.

“Referencing one of Trump’s recent public embarrassments and his poor diet, Fallon continued, “Let me tell you, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the one day a year where no one makes fun of you for being covered in toilet paper. Plus, it’s the day when everyone in the country goes on the same exact diet as me. I love Halloween candy, especially Raisinets—which, as we all know, are female raisins.”


Count Trumpula also mentioned his love for candy corn and Smarties. Candy corn covers the two food groups: candy and corn. And he eats a bag of smarties every day to make him smarter than everyone else.

Before the skit ended, Count Trumpula was interrupted by a ringing doorbell. When he opens the door, it is a small child dressed as a ghost. Trumpula addresses the trick-or-treater by saying, “I know it’s you, Jeff Sessions” before handing him a Big Mac and sending him on his way.

The skit ends with Trumpula announcing that he had 47 rallies to get to. So he tossed down a smoke bomb and transformed into a bat.

President Trump gives comedians plenty of material to parody. There have always been presidential parodies from cartoons to stand-up comedians. Some of the best parodies come from a president’s supporters. Presidents are routinely publicly roasted.

U.S. citizens love to remind the most powerful among them that they are nothing special. The problem with parodying Trump is that it all sounds like something he might have actually said. Fallon did a surprisingly good job with the voice and mannerisms. We will most likely see more of Fallon’s take on Trump in the future.

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