Jenna Coleman's The Cry is still leaving people confused – but now it's left them hanging too

Joanna and Alistair are struggling with their public image in the press in the second episode of the BBC’s The Cry, as the case to find their missing son continues.

The couple search for anyone who may be able to help them find Noah, but Joanna (Jenna Coleman) comes under fire even from Alistair (Ewen Leslie) for not outwardly appearing distraught enough, despite her suffering from hallucinations and a spiralling mental state.

Alistair pressured Joanna to become a grieving mother and has raised eyebrows among the audience that he may be behind his son’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Alistair’s ex-wife has stepped up and she seems to be the root of suspicions, but for many viewers, she’s an easy target and too likely to be a red herring.

But as a result of the sheer number of theories, some audience members still found it a struggle to follow the story line. Following last week’s complaints at the different timelines, nightmare sequences and many jumps, social media was again buzzing with people not exactly enamoured with the BBC’s new Sunday fixture.

It appears some people have already got sick of waiting, sending out criticism that the storyline is slow and naturally drawing comparisons to the gripping Bodyguard.

For those who are sticking around to find answers, nothing is off the table and the production itself earned praise.

Of course, viewers were left with a cliffhanger, as Joanne and Alistair left the house to say that they were “smarter” than the police, suggesting they both might be involved in the disappearance.

The confusion is showing no signs of stopping…

The Cry returns on BBC One at 9pm next Sunday, October 14.

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