Jeffrey Epstein survivor was 'recruited' by woman who wasn't Ghislaine Maxwell

A new documentary will uncover fresh allegations by a Jeffrey Epstein survivor who claims she was ‘recruited’ by another woman – not Ghislaine Maxwell.

Kiki Doe, who was abused by Epstein in 2004, said she never personally met Maxwell, although she was persistently ‘groomed’ by another woman when she was 19.

Details of Doe’s terrifying experiences will come to light later this month in crime documentary Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

The former model claims in the programme that she was recruited by one of Epstein’s co-conspirators at a New York diner where she worked as a teenager.

On being lured into a world of sexual abuse, Doe told ‘No, I never met her (Maxwell), luckily.

‘I was recruited by another woman who I am not sure I should identify, so I won’t say, but there have been recent stories on this recruiter who has been left out of a lot of the headlines in the past.

‘There’s more attention surrounding her now than there was before.’

Maxwell is known to have been an ex-girlfriend of Epstein and is alleged to have recruited multiple young women to be sexually abused by him.

The British socialite was arrested on July 2 in the US on federal charges of trafficking minors and will stand trial next year – prosecutors have also alleged she participated in the abuse. She has pleaded not guilty.

The four-hour documentary will reveal the full extent and horrors of Epstein’s sex trafficking network to not only gratify his own craven appetites but to extort his rich and powerful allies and ensure they maintained the conspiracy of silence around his deepest, darkest secrets.

It will also hear accounts from Epstein’s former friends and acquaintances, as well as testimonies from attorneys on both sides of the case, psychologists and expert journalists, who will offer a unique insight into the case of Epstein.

Doe, who is one of eight survivors that will tell their stories in the programme, went on to explain that she will never get closure now that Epstein is dead.

She said: ‘Once again he got away with it, it probably wasn’t his ideal outcome, but he evaded justice.

‘Closure is not something I think about, but I think that I’m so happy about the arrest of Maxwell.

‘She absolutely has so much information to share so I think really the only thing that can help justice be served is any information she has to divulge, and for those people that were participants to be held accountable.’

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION UK with a double episode airing on Tuesday 25 August at 9pm.

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