Jamie and Mack's sick plan to make Gabby abort her baby in Emmerdale

Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) received some advice from Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) in Emmerdale tonight (March 1) on how he could make all his problems go away.

Jamie was devastated when Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) confronted him over Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) pregnancy.

Jamie confessed that he loves Dawn and wants to make their relationship work. Dawn, however, told him that she wants nothing more to do with him, given that he’s kept shtum about the fact that he’s going to be a dad.

Mackenzie saw how upset Jamie was, and proceeded to offer him a shoulder to cry on.

However, when Mack learned that Gaby was in love with Jamie, he devised a plan that he believes could get Jamie out of the predicament that he’s in.

‘She only wants this child so she can have you,’ said Mack, ‘So, make her happy.

‘Pretend you’re in love. Paint a picture of how wonderful life could be, [with] just you two. Just until she agrees to take a trip to the doctor.’

Jamie was apprehensive about manipulating Gabby in such a fashion, but Mack persisted.

‘You can’t stand your life,’ he said, ‘Your future. So lie, and it’s bye bye problems.’


Jamie thought on what Mackenzie had said, but will he go through with such a thing?

Will he manipulate Gabby into believing that he wants to be with her in order to change her mind about having a termination?

Emmerdale continues Tuesday March 2 at 7pm on ITV.




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