James Martin orders Saturday Morning crew to ‘exit’ ITV studio ‘Leave me’

James Martin tells crew ‘just to leave me’

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During the latest instalment of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, the ITV chef invited guest John Hooker on to the programme where he served up a barbecued pork chop along with roasted spring cabbage. However, when it came to the taste test, James let his appetite get the better of him as he ordered the ITV crew to leave the studio for 15 minutes while he tucked into the dish.

Introducing the demonstration, John began: “What you want to do is get the pan nice and hot with a little bit of Olive oil.

“Fresh butter, some rosemary and a bit of thyme here. They’re coming up lovely.

“We’re not going to over season that, maybe a quick squeeze of pepper. We have added the brine, so we don’t want to over-salt it.

“Again, we are going to roast that. If you’re at home, moderate oven, five or six minutes until it’s nice and tender.”

He continued: “I’m going to make a pickled walnut mayonnaise. With the mayonnaise use a little bit of the vinegar from the jar of pickled walnuts.

“Add some honey, we’ve got honey here today or some maple syrup.

“A pinch of sugar if you haven’t got it, just to balance out the acidity.

“And then some egg yolk. One egg yolk will take 500mls of oil so we’re just going to emulsify that.”

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