James Martin derails co-star’s segment as he causes kitchen mayhem: ‘No-one’s noticed!’

This Morning: Alice Beer gets distracted by James Martin

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On a recent episode of This Morning, resident chef James Martin had been invited on to the show to cook up a mouth-watering batch of freshly baked scones. During the programme, ITV viewers were in the midst of a segment involving Watchdog host Alice Beer, while she advised on how to shop with a limited budget. Much to the surprise of presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the pair were suddenly derailed from Alice’s money-saving discussion after James frantically rushed on set to check his sweet delicacies inside the oven. 

Speaking to Phillip and Holly, Alice explained: “Grocery delivery companies, they’re popping up all over the country.

“You need to be a tart, be a bit of a slapper with the groceries.”

Suddenly, Alice chuckled: “And he’s down.”

In the background, James was shown hiding behind the kitchen counters as he perched in front of the oven to check his scones but unfortunately for the chef, his presence didn’t go unnoticed. 

Making a jibe at his lack of subtlety, Phillip weighed in: “Why did he jump up then?”

In hysterics, Alice giggled: “I don’t know.

“James, I think your scones are burning, love,” she quipped.

Quick to defend, the food enthusiast insisted: “I’m just checking them now.”

While peering his head above the counters, the ITV chef smirked: “Sorry, it’s very unprofessional.”

Leaving the panel in fits of laughter, the presenters couldn’t help but turn around to see what James was doing. 

Alice told the star he should continue to check the scones, insisting: “Carry on!”

After inspection, James told his co-stars his baked desserts would be done in “about another minute” before he went off the set.

In jest, Alice added: “I’ve only got another minute [left] so I’ll let you know when my buzzer goes off.”

Bringing it back, Holly prompted the journalist: “Groceries.”

“Exactly, groceries, all these services that will deliver offer incentives when you first shop with them,” Alice told ITV viewers. 

Fans took to social media to share their amusement with the restaurant owner who had caused a scene on the daytime show.

On Twitter, Photography999 said: “Watching @jamesmartinchef sneaking about this morning on his knees and trying to hide in the background on @thismorning absolutely hilarious bloke is a legend! #ThisMorning #JamesMartinchef #philandholly

Charlietweets said: “@jamesmartinchef in the background of Alice’s item.

“Like I’ve got to stay here but I don’t want to be in shot.

“Just popping up. #ThisMorning @thismorning

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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