Jack Fincham reveals shocking snaps of filed down teeth pre-veneers – & admits one CRACKED during Love Island | The Sun

WHEN Jack Fincham went on Love Island, his pearly white veneers sparked a huge spike in searches for so-called Turkey teeth.

The 2018 Love Island winner had his gnashers done in the capital Antalya – dubbed Dentalya for its influx of Brits seeking dental treatment – five years ago, around six months before entering the villa. 

“I absolutely love my pearly whites,” he boasted in his Love Island VT.

“I went all the way to Turkey to get these. I come back with a winning smile and a nice little holiday.”

Now, in new BBC Three documentary Turkey Teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake, Jack reveals shocking pictures of what his teeth looked like after they were filed down for his veneers.

Reflecting on the invasive treatment, he admits he'd “do it differently” if he had his time again.

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Speaking to host Dr Trishala Lakhani, a dentist and Miss Universe GB beauty, Jack says: “I get loads of people messaging me on Instagram about my teeth. I just tell them about my own experience.

“I didn’t realise, when I was on Love Island, that the teeth would be such a big thing. 

“It was a big season and I know that the Dental Centre, where I had mine done, was inundated with inquiries after Love Island.”

The 30-year-old admits he didn’t have a big issue with his natural teeth and already had a veneer on one of the front ones after knocking his own out while ice skating as a kid.  

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But he liked the look of his mates’ smile and when he found out they'd paid a snip of what the procedure would cost in Harley Street, he didn’t hesitate. 

He says: “When I found out they paid only £2,500, I thought, ‘I can afford that. Why not?’”

He contacted the same clinic his friend recommended and sent pictures of his teeth via Whatsapp. 

The dentist fitted crowns to his top 10 teeth for £2,300 – which included his hotel for the week and transfers.

He adds: “I flew out there in the winter time, not the holiday season, and pretty much everyone on the flight was going to get some sort of procedure done.”

Front tooth cracked

But just a week into his Love Island journey, one of his front teeth cracked.

“This is the God’s honest truth,” he recalls. “One of the water bottles hit it and it had a little hairline crack up the middle of it.”

In the documentary, Jack is asked whether he was ever told about the risks that come with veneers – primarily the higher risk of requiring root canal work and teeth being taken out.

He says: “They mentioned all this stuff and it didn’t put me off.

“It was for cosmetic purposes, so I was probably being a bit vain.”

Do your research

Despite the complications, Jack is thrilled with his teeth – but advised people to do more research than he did.

He admits he would have got composite bonds in England like his brother did if he'd known more about how invasive veneers can be.

“The veneers procedure can be quite uncomfortable,” Jack says.

“You have loads of injections to numb your mouth.

“It’s not an easy procedure. You have to do your research.”

He adds: “Honestly, I love my teeth, but going back, if someone said, ‘Would you have the composites or just get crowns done?’ I’d get that.

“Composite bonding looks exactly the same but is less invasive and quicker, but if you ask me, ‘Am I happy with my teeth?’ I’ll say, ‘Yeah, I’m really happy.’

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“I think it’s fine if I influence people to go out there, as long as they’re going to a credible place and they do a bit more research. Don’t just dive into it. But I think there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Turkey Teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake is available to watch on BBC iPlayer from Thursday, July 14th.

Problems with ‘Turkey teeth’

  • Intense long-lasting pain
  • Overly sensitive teeth
  • Exposed nerves
  • Ill-fitting veneers can be too big or too small
  • Infected gums, which can spread to the sinuses and even to the bone if left untreated
  • Rotting teeth
  • Excessive swelling
  • Poorly bonded veneers can fall off easily

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