Jaboukie Young-White Makes ‘Daily Show’ Debut, Schools Old Trevor Noah On Voting

Jaboukie Young-White made his debut as The Daily Show‘s latest “Senior Youth Correspondent” last night, and like Jessica Williams and Demitri Martin before him, staked his territory teasing his “old young” host for their generation gap.

Said Noah in introducing the new correspondent, “As young people, we know that we should be voting…”

“First of all, Trevor,” said Young-White, “we’re going to need to stop saying we because you’re old.” When Noah protested that he was born in 1984, Young-White called him a “vintage millennial.”

Even their names pointed out the difference. “I have ‘young’ in my name, literally, and you’re name is Noah like that creepy old guy who made those animals f*ck on a boat.”

Introductions done, Young-White moved on to his real topic: Why young people don’t vote.

Paper votes? “I don’t even wipe my ass with paper,” Young-White said.

Voter IDs? “Oh my God, Trevor, you are as funny as my mom said. I don’t need a driver’s license, my Uber driver needs a driver’s license.”

And why, Young-White asked, are elections held on Tuesdays, when only old people have the luxury of free time. “Who else can play chess in a park at 4 pm,” he said. 

So, if elections could be done electronically, from home, on a national holiday, young people would vote?

“Oh no,” Young-White cracked. “Why would I spend my day off voting? I’m trying to see what this park chess is all about.”

All in all, a strong debut from Young-White, a stand-up comic who has written for Netflix’s American Vandal and served as story editor on season three of the streaming service’s animated series Big Mouth.

Check out the Daily Show newcomer above.


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