I've Seen Your Future & You're Watching These HBO Shows In 2022

Nothing unites us like an HBO series, streaming or otherwise. I don’t even remember what The Undoing was about, but I know I had a billion theories and it crashed my app on the day of the finale. And then there was Game of Thrones, the one show you definitely couldn’t escape from even when you were starting to hate it. They’re doing something right at the Home Box Office because it feels like every show is a moment.

Wanna know what’s going to be trending every Sunday and Monday on HBO? Or, just between us, do you wanna know when you do and do not need to be paying for that subscription? Here are the best and most anticipated shows coming to HBO and HBO Max in 2022.


Release Date: January 9

The series returned for Season 2 this year and got hella meta with Lexi’s play.

The Gilded Age

Release Date: January 24

What if Downton Abbey was set on the Upper West Side? It’s the unofficial Gossip Girl prequel you never knew you needed.

The Righteous Gemstones

Release Date: January 9

It’s like Succession set in a televangelist megachurch.

Somebody Somewhere

Release Date: January 16

Bridget Everett’s comedy is already one of HBO’s hidden gems of 2022.


Release Date: January 13

John Cena’s character from The Suicide Squad got a spin-off with an opening credits sequence people simply can’t stop talking about.

Raised by Wolves

Release Date: February 3

The science fiction series is back for a second season after a long wait.


Release Date: March 17

BRB, gonna start knocking on doors and asking people if they’d SEEN Jake Johnson in this show yet. Have you SEEN HIM?!

Our Flag Means Death

Release Date: March 3

A pirate show from the people who made What We Do In The Shadows? Well, drink up me hearties yo ho.

House of the Dragon

Release Date: TBD

Am I scared for the Game of Thrones prequel? Of course, I am. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from everyone yelling about the final season for six Sundays in a row. But we’re doing this.

Love and Death

Release Date: TBD

True crime alert! Elizabeth Olsen stars in the story of ax-murderer Candy Montgomery.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Release Date: Spring 2022

Rose Leslie and Theo James star in a new adaptation of the sexy, low-key science fiction novel.

The Flight Attendant


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Release Date: Spring 2022

I seriously can’t wait for more of this dark comedy/thriller/international espionage series.

The Staircase

Release Date: Spring 2022

Another true crime alert! Colin Firth and Sophie Turner play North Carolinians in this famous murder mystery that happened IRL.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin


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Release Date: TBD

Oh and there’s also a new PLL series coming in 2022, this time taking place in the Catskills.


Release Date: TBD

HBO released a “Coming in 2022” preview teaser that included Westworld footage, but there hasn’t been much news since. Am I the only one whose TikTok FYP got taken over by amateur footage of Westworld Season 4 filming in NYC? I know they made it…

Also MIA is the third season of His Dark Materials and the rest of the first season of The Nevers. Guess we’ll learn more as 2022 unfolds.

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