ITV GMB row explodes as Piers blasts Gove for ‘ignoring’ science: ‘Check your facts’

Piers Morgan and Michael Gove clash over PPE preparation

With the first-ever Pfizer vaccines rolled out in the UK yesterday, coronavirus was still the hot-button issue Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid wanted to quiz Michael Gove on during today’s Good Morning Britain. During a rather heated chat, the trio debated the Government’s overall handling of the pandemic, scepticism towards the vaccine and Sir Patrick Vallance’s claims of herd immunity earlier this year.

However, it was when referring to Mr Vallance’s claims from earlier this year and Sweden’s approach to the pandemic that the interview took a dramatic turn.

So much so, Morgan accused Mr Gove of contradicting himself as “following the science but not listening to the science.”

“I’d actually respect everyone in this Government if they came out and said we made a series of mistakes,” Morgan blasted at Mr Gove.

However, the MP was keen for Morgan to clarify his stance after claiming Sweden had followed herd immunity, which it hadn’t.

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“Talking about honesty, Piers, Sweden never followed herd immunity,” Mr Gove pointed out.

“They did have a different approach to the nature of strengths that were applied – in that particular case you should check your facts.”

Piers backtracked to claim it was a form of herd immunity as the two began to talk over one another.


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