ITV backlash as fans slam ‘painful’ John Bishop Show

John Bishop takes a swipe at Carol Voderman

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The comedian opened the ITV programme poking fun at some of the stories hitting the news headlines this week, including Ken Bruce’s decision to leave BBC Radio 2 and Carol Vorderman’s admission about her love life. However, it didn’t take long for viewers to voice their opinions about the “painful” show.

Opening the show, John began: “Now it’s been a very busy week and I’ve got loads to talk about, and I can’t wait to share it with my brilliant guests.

“Later on we will be joined by none other than Jamie Redknapp, but first we’ve got one of the greatest sports broadcasters ever, please welcome, Gabby Logan.”

The comedian proceeded to welcome Loose Women panellist Judi Love onto the sofa.

“This week throughout the news, he has been featured everywhere,” John continued.

“Ken Bruce who is 71, who has been at BBC Radio 2 for decades announced he was leaving.

“Throughout the country, people stop in the morning for Popmaster. He’s going to leave Radio 2 and he’s going to go to Greatest Hits Radio and that was his excuse he said, ‘I want to go to pastures new’.

“Normally when someone is 71 and people say they’ve gone to pastures new, it’s a eulogy at their funeral.”

Taking a cheeky swipe at the former Countdown star, John added: “Kicking that trend saying that getting older means that you slow down is Carol Vorderman.

“What a legend, Carol is 62 and Radio 2 Breakfast Show said that she maintained five lovers.

“Five lovers at the same time…ongoing relationships and I tell you what, Carol, that is some Countdown.”

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, Paul Wes tweeted: “@ITV how to ruin a Saturday evening, John bishop ……! As funny as a gas bill.”

Christine Fraser wrote: “Sorry John Bishop..your talk show is lame. Boring guests, fake conversations..just saying like.”

“#johnbishop Getting paid to read (badly) terrible jokes off a teleprompter. I’m off to pastures new. What happened to good Saturday night comedy? The jokes are so awful,” @safcpete67 added.

While Nigel Redfair simply penned: “#JohnBishop is f***ing painful.”

R Pittaway went on to write: “This show is just awful, he’s just not any good at interviewing !! Painful Just Painful #johnbishop.”

“I really enjoy John Bishop, but never lasted 15 minutes watching this. Dearie me, it wasn’t great,” @Mod_Bird complained.

While Siobhan McGuigan branded John’s chat with Jamie Redknapp as “uncomfortable”.

She wrote: “#johnbishop Oh so uncomfortable with the Jamie Redknapp focus being on meeting his new wife. I like Jamie but love Louise and can’t help wondering how is she feeling watching this.”

However, @Greekgoddess02 went on to praise: “I do love a bit of John Bishop.”

“Ready to watch as always with my lovely mum Laura, best show on ITV on a Saturday night too keep up the fantastic work John, ” @lisaw12345 said. (sic)

The John Bishop Show returns on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV.

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