Is Mel Owen dead in EastEnders? The aftermath of last night's devastating car crash will be revealed

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Mel Owen is dead after last night's devastating car crash.

But did the Walford favourite really die in the accident, just months after her son Hunter's shock death? Here's everything you need to know…

Is Mel Owen dead in EastEnders?

It certainly looks that way.

During Tuesday night's episode of EastEnders, Mel's plan to get revenge on Sharon Mitchell went terribly wrong as she raced her to the airport to see Phil.

Mel was hoping to beat her nemesis so that she could tell Phil that he is not the father of his wife's baby.

For months, she's been planning to expose Sharon's affair with Keanu – and yesterday was supposed to be the day.

However, her reckless driving resulted in a terrifying car crash, which saw her vehicle flip upside down.

The last viewers saw of Mel, her arm was dangling out of the driver's window.

Given that the actress who plays Mel, Tamzin Outhwaite, has already filmed her final scenes, this could very well be the end of Mel Owen.

However, fans are refusing to believe EastEnders bosses killed off the character.

Taking to Twitter after the dramatic scenes aired, one fan wrote: "I don't get why everyone assumes Mel has been killed off. We haven't seen the aftermath yet, and above all else, her last scenes were filmed in September. It's common for #EastEnders to film up to three months in advance which means she might not leave until December."

Another added: "I dont think Mel's dead , but will end up get done for drinking and driving #EastEnders."

Moments later, a third wrote: "I actually think Sharon is going to save Mel, I refuse to believe she’s dead #EastEnders."

EastEnders bosses haven't yet revealed if Mel dies as a result of the crash – but her fate will be confirmed in Thursday night's episode.

Has Tamzin Outhwaite said she’s leaving?

EastEnders fans were devastated when Tamzin Outhwaite announced she was quitting the show in July. 

And the 48-year-old actress shared a tweet in September after filming her final scenes, writing: "So that’s it! The end of an era… for me at least. Melanie Healy/Beale/Owen has left the building…

"It’s been a pleasure , a privilege and a 21 year association with a family I will cherish forever and never forget….TIL next time my beautiful cast and crew… you all rock."

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