Is Mandy Dingle going to discover the truth about Paul? Emmerdale's Lisa Riley has spoken out

PAUL Ashdale is going to great lengths to keep his gambling problem secret from his lover Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale. 

The abusive father – who is played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – has even terrorised his son into keeping quiet about his addiction. But is Mandy Dingle going to discover the truth? Here's the lowdown…

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Is Mandy going to discover the truth about paul?

Lisa Riley has revealed that the storyline surrounding Paul’s gambling will continue into next spring, which suggests that Mandy won’t discover Paul’s antics anytime soon.

Speaking to the Inside Soap Yearbook 2021, Lisa explained: "There's lots to come, going right into next spring.

"We've done so much research into this, and how a child starts living a lie as they are fearful of losing their family unit.

Speaking about Mandy’s oblivion to the situation, Lisa added: "Paul is like any addict and will go to any lengths to feed that addiction. The viewers will see what Paul is putting Vinny through, although Mandy has no idea."

She added: "The boys are sensational and I'm so invested in their story as a viewer of Emmerdale myself. There's this world of darkness going on with them and then Mandy's in her happy, camp world."

Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson – who plays Vinny – also hinted at a long-running storyline. 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Bradley teased: "All I can say is that this is the start of a long storyline and in traditional soap fashion, it's not the last you're going to hear of Paul and Vinny's situation. 

"You'll have to wait and see whether it's going to get worse or better, but there's lots more to come.”

So no, it’s not looking like Mandy will discover that Paul is gambling again, or that he’s been violent towards Vinny, for a while. 

This will be bad news for fans, who are desperate for oblivious Mandy to realise who the Paul really is. 

One viewer tweeted: "Paul needs to take Liv's advice and needs to tell Mandy the truth about his cravings for gambling and his violence towards Vinny."

Another added: "Liv is good at calling Paul out, it's just a shame she's not spilled what she knows about Paul to Aaron or Mandy."

What has Paul done in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale viewers know that Paul has been gambling again behind his family’s back. 

When Vinny discovered he’d stolen Ellis’ watch to feed his addiction after it went missing, the young lad confronted his dad. 

But Paul reacted violently, brutally attacking Vinny and leaving him cowering on the floor of the scrapyard before running off. 

More recently, Paul’s nasty side emerged yet again when he locked Liv in her house in an attempt to keep her quiet about his resurfaced addiction.

When Liv passed out and had a seizure during the ordeal, Paul agreed to keep her seizures a secret as long as she didn’t tell Mandy about his gambling. 

What has Reece Dinsdale said about Paul’s intentions?

Back when Paul arrived in the village in April 2020, viewers were left wary of Paul and fearing for Mandy’s life.

But actor Reece Dinsdale – who plays Paul – spoke out at the time to reassure viewers that Paul only had good intentions.

Speaking to Radio Times, Reece said: “He knows where Mandy’s family lived so he’s tracked her down, wanting to see Vinny again and to make amends for leaving. His intention is to be a good dad and make up for lost time.”

He added: “There is a reason why he abandoned him but we won’t know it straight away. You’ll have to wait a bit to find out!”

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