Insulate Britain supporter in tears as Susanna Reid slams group’s ‘dangerous’ actions

Insulate Britain activist breaks down in tears in GMB interview

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Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard were debating whether Insulate Britain protestors were “martyrs” as many face prison sentences after they caused chaos on the roads earlier this year. The group aimed to raise awareness of climate change as they demanded action from the government. However, they left drivers infuriated as they stopped traffic across the country with their protests. Defending their actions, Good Morning Britain guest George broke down in tears while Susanna questioned if their behaviour was “dangerous”.

George argued: “Lives are being trashed by the way we are going about our daily lives.

“We are literally destroying lives at a phenomenal rate.”

He continued: “Most people are simply not aware of how serious this is.”

But Susanna questioned whether protests in the middle of the road was the right way for Insulate Britain to go.

She argued: “It was damn right dangerous. We were one protestor away from a tragedy. It’s not martyrdom.”

However, Susanna accepted it was an upsetting subject for George, who became emotional defending the group.

She remarked: “George there, as you can hear and we can all see, driven to tears by the environmental disaster.”

George wiped tears from his eyes as weeped: “I have two children and everyday I think did I do the right thing.”

GMB viewers were divided over the interview with many conflicted over George crying.

Taking to Twitter, John Horne tweeted: “I truly felt for that man in what he belives in, esp as he showed his emotion on GMB, respect him totally.”

Shaun Holliday argued: “Acting at its best no tears there.” (sic)

Chris Fennell posted: “This is becoming a class issue. Tears should be shed for the people who are prevented getting to work to pay the mortgage/feed their kids.

“This journalist has a privileged background so can afford to worry about the future of our planet. Most people worry about living day to day.”

More to follow…

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