Insulate Britain protesters risk drivers lives by walking on to M25 – VIDEO

Insulate Britain protesters seen walking onto the M25

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A couple of Insulate Britain activists were seen walking out onto the main carriageway of the M25 between junction 28 and 29, risking their lives and drivers. This is the offshoot of Extinction Rebellion group’s 17th day of action in bid to urge the Government to insulate all homes by 2030.


In video footage shared on LBC news, four Insulate Britain activists were seen walking slowing onto the main carriageway.

Then a police officer stepped out of his car and was seen talking to an elderly lady, who was holding a banner.

Two other protesters lied down on the main carriageway of the M25.

Another police officer was seen stopping an approaching car, while attempting to drag a protestor off the road.

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Cheif Inspector Lee Devall said: “Not only will incidents of this nature be frustrating for road users trying to reach their destination, walking into fast moving traffic is extremely dangerous.

“I’d like to thank road users today for their patience and understanding.

“You’ve helped us to clear the area quickly, to keep people safe, minimise disruption, and keep Essex moving.”


On Wednesday, the group asked motorists to not drive on the M25 or reduce their speed to minimise the risk of accidents.

A nationwide injunction was granted against protesters, covering the “entire strategic road network”.

The group wants the government to insulate all UK homes by 2030 to cut carbon emissions.

Insulate Britain spokesman Liam Norton said: “In a couple of days Cop26 will start in Glasgow and the eyes of the world will be on this country.

“Britain should be leading the world with radical plans to decarbonise our society. 

“It is clear that this government has no intention of getting on with the job that they were elected to do. No intention of protecting the country from climate collapse. Our children’s futures have been trashed.”

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