Inside Love Island’s steamiest romps – from pair who had sex THIRTY times to star who ‘went on top for 20 minutes’

IN recent years Love Island seems to have dialled down on the raunchy sex scenes – but the show has had some very memorable romps.

As the hit ITV2 show – returning to screens on Monday – has gone on over the years, producers have started to show less of the islanders’ sexy time, for fear of "ruining their lives".

But many of the islanders are having sex off-screen anyway – which is always safe, as former Love Island star Mike Boateng recently told us there are condoms all over the villa.

And it was romps galore before the new rules were enforced – with one couple even shown having sex on top of the covers while the other Islanders watched, and another boasting of having sex 30 times in less than 30 days.

We reveal the show’s raunchiest sex scenes…

'Christened' the villa

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All the way back in 2015, Love Island’s first couple to have sex were Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark – who ended up getting engaged in the final, before splitting up soon after.

After announcing they were an official couple two weeks in, they “christened the house” in the Hideaway – and then didn’t stop for the rest of their time in the villa.

They even took to going at it in the bedroom in front of their mortified housemates, while they were trying to sleep.

During one session, Jon shouted at one of his fellow islanders: "I can't stop, guys, you'll just have to deal with it."

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Romped 30 times

Alex and Olivia Bowen had sex 30 times in the Love Island villaCredit: ITV

They’re married now, with their first baby on the way, and it seems it was lust at first sight for Alex and Olivia Bowen – nee Buckland.

They had sex 30 times in the second series of the show – despite the fact Alex wasn’t even in the villa for 30 days!

Their former housemate Terry Walsh revealed they had sex so much that producers had to keep topping up the condom supply.

He said: "They were the top sh*****s by far. They were at it all the time. There was condoms everywhere.

"The producers were re-stocking them every morning."

Secret hook-up

Before Alex came into the villa, Olivia Bowen shocked viewers by having sex with Rykard Jenkins in secret.

What made it worse was that the girl he was getting together with, Rachel Fenton, was sleeping in the bed next to them at the time, and no one had any idea it happened.

It was such a big deal, in fact, that when Rachel was kicked out of the villa by the public, Rykard left with her – but then she was told by Caroline Flack about the night in question on camera.

Despite this, Rachel and Rykard stayed together – however they split up 18 months later.

One night stand that 'ruined islander's life'

Olivia wasn't the only stunning blonde who fell for Alex's charms in the villa.

Despite Alex and Olivia having an obvious instant connection, Zara Holland won a challenge and decided to take him into the Hideaway as her prize.

They shared a night of passion, and Zara was sensationally stripped of her Miss GB crown immediately after.

Two years later, Zara admitted it had “destroyed her life” and confessed she feels she is the only contestant in Love Island history to have paid the ultimate price for a brief moment of intimacy.

In a stark warning to upcoming islanders, she said: “I would say to any contestants this series, don't do anything that you would regret later in life.

“Sometimes things in the moment never leave you and it can be hard to get over.”

Bonked 23 times

Olivia and Alex weren’t the only couple who got it on in series two of Love Island – with it probably being the raunchiest series ever.

Eventual winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey – now married with two kids – had sex 23 times on the show.

However, they did admit they found having sex on-screen “daunting” at first.

Despite meeting on the very first day in the villa, Cara said: “It took us a while to do it, longer than most people. He had to wait well over a week for a kiss.”

Sex on top of covers

Yet another entry from series two of Love Island is Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams – who brazenly had sex on top of the covers in front of all their housemates.

Emma told her fellow islanders their romp wouldn’t be shown if they got it on publicly – but she was wrong.

Producers’ choice to show it prompted seven complaints to watchdog Ofcom, claiming that it could cause offence or that it was too soon after the watershed.

ITV2 defended the decision to air the scene, saying that there was a "very well-established audience expectation of sexual activity" which included a warning before and during the programme.

It added that similar incidents had occurred 30 times in previous episodes. Love Island was cleared.

Raunchy day session

Eventual winners of series three, Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay, were at it like rabbits in the villa.

Not content with their nightly fix of sex, they decided to have a quick day session in bed too – which she was sharing with Nathan Joseph at the time.

Amber said: “I feel f*****g bad on Nathan,” before quickly adding: "Just get on top of me.”

Proud Kem admitted: “It’s gonna be very quick."

And luckily, it was, as Nathan entered the bedroom soon after they'd finished, spotting Amber throwing her bikini bottoms to the side.

'On top for 20 minutes'

Also in series three, Montana Brown and Alex Beattie had a grand old time.

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Having been single for most of her time in the villa, Montana met Alex in Casa Amore, and stayed with him until the final.

Speaking to the girls, after the deed had been done, she said: “Somebody got some last night. Just went on top…for 20 minutes."

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