Inside Gemma Collins and James Argent's rollercoaster relationship as they split 'for good'

THE only way is over for Gemma Collins and James Argent after splitting "for good".

The passionate couple's relationship came to an explosive end yesterday – nine years after meeting on Towie back in 2011.

Despite Gemma's famous claim that "you're never going to get this candy", the electricity between the pair proved too powerful.

They embarked on an on/off relationship that has had soaring highs and devastating lows.

Here we take a look at their most public break-ups.

Gemma accuses Arg of cheating in April 2012

Early on in their relationship, Arg was pictured leaving Essex nightspot Faces with best pal and Towie co-star Mark Wright with two girls.

After seeing the snap, Gemma called him out on Twitter, saying: “You slept with someone else last night you disgust me you cheat”, before quickly deleting her message.

They were pictured back together the next day.

Gemma dumps Arg for bad-mouthing her in August 2012

Their fiery relationship came to a very public end while on holiday in Marbella with pals when Gemma found out he had been talking about her behind her back.

 It led to Gemma saying her famous line in front of stunned Towie stars.

Dressed in a black swimsuit at a pool party, Gemma told Arg: "You've been going around discussing what happened between us.

"Well let me tell you something now, you don't ever disrespect a girl like that again. Take a good look at this, you ain't ever gonna get this candy!"

She then slapped her bottom and ended things with her lover.

Gemma went on to date boyfriends Alexander Moss, Sebastian Marc Graham and Stephen Mortimer over the next four years before starting up her relationship with Arg once again.

Arg is caught in love triangle with Gemma and Lydia Bright

Arg and Lydia Bright are childhood sweethearts who had an on/off relationship for six years.

The pair got back together as he promised to sort himself out, but they split up yet again in summer 2016.

The Sun reported that their split came after she had allegedly caught him using the class-A drug cocaine after relapsing from a rehab stint, and she ended things.

During a holiday with the Towie gang, the pair reunited for one night of passion following James' mission to win her back.

However, it later came out he slept with another ex, Gemma Collins, the same day he got with Lydia.

Following their holiday tryst, Lydia laid down the law and ruled out the pair ever reuniting.

He was also dumped once again by Gemma who was livid.

Arg finally declares his love for Gemma over Christmas 2017 and they make it official

The Towie Christmas special saw Arg declare his love for Gemma in 2017 after years of cat and mouse.

In a heartfelt speech that he proudly delivered in front of the entire Towie cast he said he was the “happiest” he had ever been.

It looked to be the happy ending Gemma had always dreamed of.

Despite a few wobbles, the pair lasted just over a year until their next break up.

February 2019: Furious Gemma dumps Arg for posting video of her snoring

In February 2019 they split up once again – and it last nine months.

It all kicked off when James shared a video in which Gemma was asleep and snoring.

It was deleted from Instagram an hour later, but for Gemma the damage was done.

In the wake of the snoring video Arg sent "vile" messages to the famous reality star saying: "You are a fat joke of a woman. An absolute car crash! You're nearly 40 f***ing years old, you embarrassment."

After asking him to leave her home, Arg retaliated by writing: “You fat horrible lump. Nasty mean woman.

"Who the f*** do you think you are? You’ve got more rolls than Greggs.”

They moved on from the fight and reunited but by October it was all over again.

October 2019: Arg refuses rehab to deal with drug addiction – and Gemma walks out

Gemma dumped Arg after he refused rehab — fearing drugs will end up killing him.

It came after The Sun on Sunday revealed she rang 999 after he failed to return calls for more than 12 hours, sparking fears he had overdosed.

Cops eventually had to break into his £1.3million five-bed house in South Woodford, North East London.

Celebrating their rekindled romance a month later, they jetted off on a romantic getaway to Dubai.

But Arg suffered another tough time over Christmas. He later admitted his cocaine addiction made him hate Gemma.

After a ten-week stint in rehab, Arg is now sober and has lost five stone.

But after returning from his first gig in Marbella since revealing his addiction battle, Arg and Gemma had a furious fight.

July 2020: Arg 'wants open relationship' before Gemma ends relationship for good

The reality TV stars’ furious texts have been revealed as their on/off relationship came to an explosive end.

Private messages posted between the pair were posted on Gemma's Instagram page.

It showed Arg cruelly brand her “a hippo” and a “fat f***” in a bitter war of words. The posts have since been deleted.

Sources say their argument kicked off when Arg said he was inspired to have an open relationship following claims US actor Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith had been intimate with other people during their marriage.

Gemma later posted on Instagram urging her followers to “find the strength to walk away” as she shared the “Top 10 Signs of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship".

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