‘I’m not having that!’ Stanley Johnson clashes with GB News guest over ‘liar’ son Boris

Stanley Johnson shuts down host over Boris 'liar' comment

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Dan Wootton was joined by political commentators Carole Malone, Benjamin Butterworth and Stanley Johnson on his GB News show on Monday. The presenter was forced to step in when Stanley leapt to the Prime Minister’s defence when Benjamin repeatedly labelled Boris Johnson a “liar”.

The panel were discussing whether Tory party members should get a say on Boris’ ousting as leader.

Over 10,000 Tory members have signed the ‘Boris ballot’ petition to demand a vote on whether the Prime Minister should remain in office.

Benjamin quipped: “Boris Johnson is the only Prime Minister to be ousted because he lacked the basic decency of public office.”

He argued that any of Boris’ predecessors who found themselves in a similar position had some sort of “policy decision that became too toxic and too controversial”.

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“Boris Johnson lied over what happened regarding parties…,” Benjamin said.

Stanley attempted to interrupt the GB News guest but he continued to accuse Boris of lying. 

“Let Stanley respond,” Dan insisted. 

“I’m not going to sit here next to you and hear you toss words like ‘lie’, I’m not having that,” Stanley hit back.

“Did he tell the truth at the partygate?” Benjamin questioned. 

Boris’ father replied: “He certainly did as far as I’m concerned he has not been found to have lied.

“He has not been found to have lied, there is no evidence of this.

“I don’t want to go down that route, you all ought to be careful when you use language.”

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Dan quizzed Stanley on whether he thinks a ‘Boris ballot’ should be an option. 

He replied: “I can see the sense of it. People need to have a view of this and I rather like the idea.

“Okay let’s have a ballot should Boris stay or not.

“That ballot will have no legal effect on the Tory Party process. I can’t see that it would.”

“I think it’s summer, let’s have a battle, let’s have some fun,” he added.

Dan probed Stanley on whether Boris has ambitions to become the leader of the Conservative Party for a second time in the future. 

“You know I have no knowledge of this, I have no insight on this at all,” Stanley insisted. 

“I think that’s extremely interesting and we’re in for a lively summer.”

Dan Wootton Tonight airs on GB News on weekdays at 9pm.

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