‘I’m not a comedian!’ Antiques Roadshow expert hits back after valuation probe

Antiques Roadshow: Expert jokes ‘i’m not a comedian’ to guest

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Antiques Roadshow visited Tatton Park in Cheshire in a previous episode of the hit BBC show. The episode featured a variety of interesting items, but it was a box with a special history that caught the eye of antique expert Lennox Cato. However, when he revealed the value of the item, its owner struggled to believe its true price.

One guest brought a wooden box onto the programme and soon found out about its unusual origins.

However, when Lennox gave his thoughts on its value, the owner thought he was joking.

After carefully examining the box, Lennox revealed it was made by Napoleonic prisoners of war.

“It’s just unbelievable,” the expert remarked as he looked at the detail of the item.

“It’s just fabulous inside, yes,” the owner replied, highlighting the interior of the box.

Inside the box there were divided compartments with different pictures on each door.

Lennox said: “The prisoners of war, what they used to do, they would sit down and make these things.

“They would come out, out of the prison, like an open prison, and sell them on the streets,” he explained.

Stunned by the box’s origins, the guest exclaimed: “Good gracious!”

After discussing where the item came from, Lennox turned to the topic of value.

Looking at the box with the lip shut, he said: “As an ordinary box just like that, as soon as I saw it I thought it’s worth between £500 and £600.

“It may fetch £1,000 pushing it,” he added.

“Good gracious,” the owner remarked again.

However, Lennox then lifted the lid to show the inside and revealed after seeing the interior he had a different opinion on its value.

“When you see that, you say £3,000,” he said.

Clearly in shock, the owner struggled to believe Lennox’s valuation of the box.

She replied: “You’re joking. You are joking, you’re not serious.”

“No, I’m not a comedian,” Lennox swiftly replied, causing the crowd to burst out laughing.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 7pm on BBC Two.

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